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Understanding Your CT Electricity Bill
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How to Read Your Connecticut Electric Bill

Deciphering an electricity bill can sometimes prove a frustrating task, but it helps to understand exactly what appears on your power bill, so we'll break down the basics for you in the illustration below.

The knowledge gleaned from reading your electric bill will empower you to make the optimal choice between utilities and alternative electricity providers in Connecticut

Use the following guide and refer to the sample CL&P electric bill below and you'll be able to read just about any Connecticut electric bill. We've included a legend below the bill for a description of the various components. You can click anywhere on the illustration to view a full size version of the bill.


(1) Basic Customer information, including account number and billing dates

(2) Shows Customer Service and Utility Company Information

(3) Your account summary including charges due and pervious balance

(4A) Service information, billing address and metering itemizations

(4B) Summary of delivery charges and associated rates and fees per kwh

(5) Bill Summary including your account info, balance due and billing date

This Connecticut Light and Power bill illustration represents a regulated utility billing sample. If you receive service from an Electric Cooperative or another utility, your bill may look different. However, the primary elements will remain consistent regardless of the provider.

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