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Welcome to the Michigan State Electricity Education Center. The state of Michigan took its first steps towards energy deregulation in January of 1998, offering retail Electric Choice to customers of the two flagship utilities in phases over a periodic schedule beginning the following Spring. Commercial and Industrial customers have also taken advantage of deregulation, where one-fourth of C&I customers had switched to a competitive supplier by 2004. Choose a resource below to learn more about how Michigan electric deregulation works.

Michiganites: Learn about Electric Choice in your state! We'll show you what electric deregulation means for you and how you can benefit most from the restructuring.

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Michigan Electricity Deregulation

Learn all about electric deregulation in Michigan and how you can reap the benefits!

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Michigan Electricity Market Structure

Understand the inner workings of the electricity market structure in Michigan, who the utilities are and what the restructuring means for you.

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Switching Electricity in Michigan

The process of switching electricity providers in Michigan can be overwhelming or seem confusing. But switching is actually a snap! It'll only take a few minutes, and we have tools to help.

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How do i read my electricity bill?

Understanding your electricity bill helps you shop smarter! We will show you the components of your bill and what they mean for you.

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What questions should I ask when comparing electric providers?

Learn the most effective approach and some great questions to ask when shopping electricity providers in Michigan

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What electricity providers are available in Michigan?

There are a multitude of retail electricity providers operating in deregulated markets across the country. Our online shopping tool helps you find out which ones are available in your zip code with just one click! Find Suppliers Now >

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