For businesses and consumers in PA, the most important thing to know regarding the recent changes brought about by electric deregulation in Pennsylvania is that you now have the right to choose your electricity supplier.

Now that electricity has been deregulated in PA, the energy utility monopolies were dissolved, creating a competitive electricity market. This means you can now choose the electric supplier that best suits your needs and fits your standards.

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Decoding Deregulation

Before electric deregulation in Pennsylvania, you were obligated to use one power company (often assigned based on your location or 'zone') and you had little or no control over the price you paid for electricity.

Things have changed now that PA is deregulated, and we understand that you want to know how it affects you, what your options are and what to do next in order to take advantage of it. (Without wading through all the confusing content on the web).

In a nutshell, deregulation means you can now shop for electricity the same way you shop for almost everything else. You can compare PA electric companies, prices, rates and service plans, and choose the ideal supplier for you. These companies are known as "Electric Generation Suppliers", or "EGS" for short.

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Now that you can compare Pennsylvania electricity prices among the available Electric Generation Suppliers in your area, it can help to understand your electric bill.

You've always paid "base" charges on your electric bill, such as transmission and distribution charges. You'll still pay about the same amount for those, regardless of which power company you choose. However, you DO have a choice of the price per kilowatt hour.

The price to compare (or "PTC") is the actual price per kWh that the Electric Generation Supplier charges for power. When shopping for electricity, you can compare this pricing (along with other merits such as promotions, loyalty programs and customer service) against competing EGS companies to choose the best one for you.

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