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Pennsylvania Electricity Learning Center

Welcome to the Pennsylvania State Electricity Learning Center. Pennsylvania was one of the first states to offer consumers the power to choose their own electric supplier through deregulation. Both commercial and residential electricity customers have embraced the new competitive market with great success, making resources like this an invaluable tool in understanding and optimizing the electricity comparison and shopping experience.

Learn about electricity before you switch, then compare rates and prices for pre-qualified electricity providers in your area of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Utility Facts
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Pennsylvania Electricity Deregulation

Learn about electricity deregulation in Pennsylvania, how it works and what it means for you.

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PA Electricity Market Structure

Get a high level view of the Electricity Market in PA and where you fit into it!


Switching Electricity in Pennsylvania

While some Pennsylvanians have opted to remain with their regional utility, most consumers and business owners have found great benefit in switching to an alternative power company for their electricity service. We'll show you how to take advantage of your power to choose!


Understand your PA electric bill

Learning to read and understand the components of your PA electricity bill is easier than you might think and will give you an edge when shopping new suppliers, let us show you how!


What question should ask when comparing electricity providers?

Learn the best comparison shopping approach and what to ask prospective suppliers in PA


What electricity providers are available in Pennsylvania?

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