Electric Choice

Direct Energy

Location: Houston, TX
Number of Customers: 6 million
Main Service Areas: North America
Contact Information: 1-855-461-9824

Direct Energy is one of North America?s largest integrated providers of electricity, natural gas and related services. With over 6 million customers across North America, they offer many different lines of service including, supply and trading, residential, and business.

Direct Energy Products and Services

Direct Energy offers a wide range of energy options to meet consumer demands. They provide many different services and plans including, fixed rate, variable rate, 100% renewable energy, prepaid, time-of-use and more.

The customer referral program encourages existing consumers to recommend Direct Energy to their friends. These customers then receive credits based on the number of friends who sign up. There is no limit to the number of friends a customer can refer. Benefits are also extended to friends who sign up. They receive a credit on their second bill.

Direct Energy also offers a Free Power Saturday Plan. They will not charge customer consumption on Saturdays for the entire length of a customer?s contract term. A fixed rate is charged from Sunday to Friday but no charges are applied for any electric supply consumption from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. on Saturdays. Customers can do chores like laundry, or run the dishwasher without any charge. Television, Internet and any other device requiring electricity used during this day and time are free.

Nest:  Direct Energy Nest Learning Thermostat?

The Nest Learning Thermostat? allows renters and homeowners to monitor the temperature of their homes and businesses in order to increase energy efficiency. It?s easy to install, simple to program and was designed to seamlessly blend into any home decor. If a customer should require assistance with the device, Direct Energy provides customer service and professional assistance.

The thermostat also helps customers to understand how to use energy effectively. It adapts to specific preferences, is Internet powered, and provides customers a monthly report with tips on how to increase savings.

Direct Energy in the Community

Direct Energy supports many charities throughout North America in the form of donations, sponsorships, fundraisers, and volunteer work. Their community involvement is focused on several strategic goals, which include, energy conservation, customer empowerment, growing future workforce and reducing energy for non-profit organizations.

Based on these several strategic goals, Direct Energy runs three main programs:  Volunteer Citizen of the Year, Reduce Your Use For Good and Small Business Community Heroes.

Comparing Direct Energy Rates

In addition to the plans and services mentioned above, fixed rate products are offered to provide stability and security from fluctuating energy costs. Direct Energy offers its customers the ability to budget though competitive pricing at a fixed rate, which is locked in for the length of a contract.

Customers are notified ahead of time when contracts are about to expire. They also have the option to log into an Account Manager system to determine if rates have decreased before the fixed-rate plan contract expiration date is reached.

Direct energy?s success comes from their ability to earn the trust of their customers in a competitive marketplace. They adapt to changing markets by expanding their areas of service, and include both residential and business customers. With a wide range of products and plans that are tailored to address individual needs, they offer affordability in the form of highly economical rates.