First Choice Power

First Choice PowerCompany Overview

First Choice Power, headquartered in the state of Texas, was officially certified in 2001. They later  started their operations in January of 2002 and have been in the energy sector for more than a decade now. First Choice Power is a well-known and established name in the industry. The company is quite prominent in Texas and takes pride in its strong roots.

First Choice Power is entirely customer-oriented. They provide energy solutions to their clients that are completely in sync with their specific needs and requirements. They provide their customers with different ways to control the overall bills and establish better electric plans. First Choice Power provides highly competitive rates. They also provide expert advice and assistence in  lowering electricity bills.

Community Involvement

First Choice Power has initiated various green plans in the state of Texas; each of the green plans generates one hundred percent renewable energy using different natural resources such as solar energy and wind energy.

They play an active role in promoting environmental friendliness campaigns. The company has offered grants in the past to show their support for the energy efficiency programs. Asa matter of fact they provided $61,000 to these programs in 2011. Also, More than twenty four thousand meals have been offered to Texas Food Banks by First Choice Power in the previous years.