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Green Mountain Energy

Company Overview

Green Mountain Energy was established in 1997 in Vermont. The company started off with quite a powerful mission. The main idea was to use the consumer?s choice of power to alter the way power is actually made. To this day the company is still one hundred percent dedicated to the idea of protecting the environment. They welcome all their clients to join in this noble cause of theirs. The company is one of the leading retail providers of energy related products. They have a reputation for offering energy products that are highly cost competitive. Their services are provided to the locals of Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Texas and Pennsylvania. The company takes pride in providing sustainable solutions that are highly customized to the demands of its commercial clients. The solutions offered also include carbon offsets along with REC.


Community Involvement

Environmental sustainability is the main focus and the core belief of the company. The sustainability department of the company works tirelessly for the internal and external stakeholder in order to ensure each and every aspect of the company clean and green.
The company has employees working nationwide to organize various services and education orientated activates directed towards increasing environmental awareness across the nation. The Empire State building is this company?s customer and is the largest supplier of renewable energy to the New York City.

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