The following was provided by MP2 Energy:

MP2 Energy, a Shell Energy North America Subsidiary is a full-service energy company designed to provide energy solutions in all aspects of the power market. Taking care of our clients in a professional manner and timely fashion is something in which we pride ourselves. Our role in the market is to serve as risk managers, balancing the energy supply / demand equation for our clients. We manage power plants, deliver retail power to end-use customers, and master all other aspects of the power market like asset management, commodity hedging, solar installation and offtake, wind and distributed generation.

The power market is very competitive. Our electrons are the same as our competitors. The value that we bring is the “optimally-designed solution” to best manage your energy requirement.

By blending all facets of the power market and delivering the right solution, we create value for our clients and for ourselves. MP2 carefully and purposefully assembled the right people then added a huge amount of effort to provide our customers with efficient, seamless access to a solution that best fits their needs. We treat no two customers alike.