MP2 EnergyCompany Overview

MP2 Energy was founded to provide new and innovative solutions for Generator Operators and Retail Loads. MP2 is particularly versed in serving versatile products to large commercial and industrial customers that sometimes require complex solutions for maximum cost benefit. MP2 Energy does not currently offer any residential service.


  • Fifty percent of growth has been observed by the company in the previous year.
  • The company was recognized as the Supplier of the Year by The Energy Professionals Association. The award was announced at TEPA?s annual conference in November.
  • MP2 was ranked number one in a “Most Satisfying Supplier” survey conducted for about a hundred and fifty energy aggregators, consultants and brokers.
  • The tenth annual Aggie 100 awards honored MP2. This award is particularly for honoring the fastest growing companies.
    Community Involvement

Community Involvement

MP2 Energy strives to better the community. The company attempts to provide easy payments for people opting for eco-friendly services. Corporations take initiatives that are sustainability driven. The solar solutions provided by MP2 Energy support these initiatives. Hedging is offered through  solar solutions when pricing reaches its peak.

Reviews for MP2 Energy

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