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Discount Power

Discount Power is a Texas based provider which has been ranked as the fastest growing private company in Texas by Inc.5000.







American Light & Power

American Light & Power (AL&P) is a Texas based Retail Electricity Provider, licensed since 2007.



Green Mountain Energy

In 1997, Green Mountain was founded with the mission to change the way power is made. In fact, we were one of the earliest pioneers in offering cleaner energy to consumers and businesses. More than a decade later, Green Mountain remains the only retail electricity provider in the nation that is committed to this mission. Since our inception, our customers have helped spur the development of over 40 new wind and solar facilities across the nation. Green Mountain is one of the premier retail providers of energy products to businesses and institutions, primarily focusing on the competitive electricity markets in Texas and New York City. In 2009 we were honored to receive the J. D. Power and Associates award in Texas for "Highest in Business Customer Satisfaction with Retail Electric Service".1 Outside of the Texas and New York City regions, Green Mountain offers innovative and cost effective carbon reduction solutions to commercial sector clients seeking to improve their environmental position. In addition to carbon offset and renewable energy certificate (REC) products, Green Mountain provides a comprehensive suite of consulting and other services including assistance with green marketing strategy, corporate sustainability reporting, and voluntary emissions reporting. BeGreen is a division of Green Mountain that offers carbon offset products to individuals and businesses nationwide. The BeGreen website includes an online calculator to help individuals determine their carbon footprint and offers carbon offsets to neutralize it.



Spark Energy

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Direct Energy

Who is Direct Energy?

  • One of North America's largest integrated providers of electricity, natural gas and related services with over 5 million customer relationships
  • 3rd largest competitive retail electric provider in Texas
  • Texas power generator, with 6 active generation groups in ERCOT, including 3 wind farms.



Gexa Energy

Gexa Energy, LP is a subsidiary of the FPL Group(Now called Nextera Energy Inc.)(NYSE: NEE)(one of the fastest growing energy companies in the country, with annual revenues of more than $15 billion and a growing presence in 27 states. Gexa Energy operates as the retail sales platform for the generation portfolio under the FPL Group wholly-owned subsidiary, NextEra Energy Resources, LLC. Gexa Energy began serving customers in Texas in 2002. In addition, Gexa Energy is a Qualified Scheduling Entity (QSE) and is registered with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). FPL Group acquired Gexa Energy in 2005. FPL Group’s proven resources allow Gexa Energy the opportunity to continue its growth while strengthening the ability to provide additional service offerings. We currently do resi only in Texas with GEXA and Commercial in any of the states where we are both licensed/able to work. Their prices are consistently competitive but their credit is hard to get approved. We recently acquired the permissions to write our own agreements with GEXA which is a priveledge that isnt granted to any other GEXA third parties at this time. Gexa requires a commission split of anything more than three mils over the transfer price.



TriEagle Energy

With innovative products, outstanding customer service, and competitive pricing, thousands of Texas business customers have entrusted their power with TriEagle since 2003. Now, TriEagle offers that same great electric service for your home. Texas-based and financially-sound, TriEagle is rated 'A+' by the Better Business Bureau. Whether you are looking for short-term, long-term, or renewable energy options, we have the right plans to meet your energy needs. 877-933-2453 - PUC Certificate #: 10064 TriEagle Energy - 2620 Technology Forest Drive, The Woodlands, TX 77381



YEP Energy

YEP Energy serves residential and commercial customers within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as an Electric Generation Supplier.



Amigo Energy

Amigo Energy is a full-service Retail Electricity Provider (REP) to residential and commercial customers in Texas.


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