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Aurora, Texas is located near Decatur in southeastern Wise County. People started to settle in this location around 1850. As the city grew in population, it quickly established itself as a trading center for local farmers. In 1885, Aurora had two schools, several cotton gins, hotels and businesses as well as a thriving residential community.

Unfortunately, in 1888 an outbreak of spotted fever ravaged the city. By the following year, most citizens had moved to surrounding towns and cities. It wasn’t until the 1970?s that the city gained back some of its population. In the last few years, Aurora government officials have continued to re-establish itself as a quaint community and tourist destination by focusing on historic preservation, restoration and rehabilitation.

Energy Deregulation in Aurora

Energy deregulation became mandatory in Texas in 2002. These new laws allowed the energy supply market to open up to a variety of competitors. The good new is, nothing changed in regards to how energy is accessed. The difference lies in the rates consumers pay. Utilities are still responsible for the delivery of energy, and they own the power lines, transformers and meters within their region.

In Texas today, retail suppliers alone handle the supply of electricity. This allows businesses and residents in Aurora to enjoy the freedom to choose a supplier based on many different plans, rates and billing options. There are many energy suppliers to pick from in Aurora including,

– 4Change Energy
– Amigo Energy
– Beyond Power
– Breeze Energy
– Cirro Energy
– Discount Power
– Gexa Energy
– Green Mountain Energy
– Infinite Energy
– Pennywise power
– Power Express
– StarTex Power
– Spark Energy
– Summer Energy
– Tara Energy
– Texans Energy
– Volt EP

Overall, energy deregulation in Texas allows customers to shop and decide on the option that best suits their current needs. It helps to provide consumers more options, money saving opportunities as well as promote green business energy.

Aurora?s Energy Industry

Mining, quarrying and oil and gas extraction account for a small percentage of Aurora?s workforce. While the energy industry employs several of the city?s citizens under utilities and electric suppliers, the town does not make up the majority of their economic income from energy.

Other Major Industries in Aurora

Aurora is one of the lowest populated cities in Texas. Despite this fact, there are a number of start-up companies and small businesses based in this area of the United States.

Other industries also include:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Administration
  • Transportation and Warehousing
  • Retail Trade
  • Finance
  • Insurance

Quick Aurora Stats

This historically rich city has really made a significant comeback in the past century. To gain a better understanding of this unique town, take a look at some of Aurora’s demographics below.

Total Population: 1,400
Land Area: 3.2 square miles
Total Number of Households (2015): 432
Median Household Income: $68,823
Median Age: 38

Did you know?

In the spring of 1897, residents of Aurora caught sight of a strange object in the sky in and around Texas. It is believed that this flying craft, or one like it, crashed in Aurora on April 17th of that same year. Witnesses reported that they watched a spaceship destroy a windmill and catch fire upon landing.

The only occupant of the craft was a pilot, but witnesses also stated that it wasn’t human (even though the fire had severely disfigured the body). The city named the creature, ?Ned? and gave it a proper burial in Aurora?s local cemetery.

The newspaper article describing this event still exists today and is available, in full, on the city?s official website. However, it is widely believed that this tale is a giant hoax, concocted by a local farmer to gain attention and visitors, which would help to boost the town’s economy.

Aurora Major Utilities

There are a few major energy utilities that provide energy services to Aurora. These utilities are only responsible for the delivery of electricity. Should you experience any problems with power, or are experiencing an energy emergency, contact your utility immediately. They are responsible for the maintenance of poles, wires and meters.

TXU Energy ? 1-855-898-8680
Oncor ? 1-888-313-4747

It is also important to note that utilities in Aurora, Texas do not supply energy to residences or businesses. An energy supplier will take care of the rates you pay on your electricity bill.