77065 Electricity Rates

Our website (ElectricChoice.com) allows residential and business consumers in deregulated areas of the country to shop for electric rates and plans.  Consumers can enter in their zip code and be shown rates and plans from local, trusted retail energy providers instantly.

We’ve been around for over ten years — in that time, we’ve had hundreds of thousands of requests for electric rates and plans by customers trying to find a lower rate.

Houston, Texas – Zip Code 77065

There are some homes and businesses in areas that take advantage of electricity deregulation more than others.  The first place (by a long shot) is Houston, Texas.  Consumers in the zip code 77065 (belonging to Houston, Texas) have looked up electric rates and plans on our site more than consumers in any other zip code by a 3 to 1 margin.

In fact, out of the thousands of zip codes we’ve served up rates and plans for, we’ve shown electric prices and plans for Houston in 29.58% of searches performed.

That’s a lot of searches.

Top 10 Most Popular Zip Codes

Houston isn’t the only place people are searching for electricity rates and plans.  Directly behind Houston, here are the next 9 most popular searches to round out our top 10:

  1. 75241 – Dallas, TX
  2. 76116 – Fort Worth, TX
  3. 76006 – Arlington, TX
  4. 78415 – Corpus Christi, TX
  5. 75063 – Irving, TX
  6. 77449 – Park Row, TX
  7. 75023 – Plano, TX
  8. 76543 – Harker Heights, TX
  9. 77382 – Spring, TX

Notice a trend?  Searches for zips in Texas rule the top of our list today — but there are some other cities and states closing fast.

Zip Codes on the Rise

Houston and Texas as a whole is no doubt a huge deregulated electricity market and that won’t change much in the foreseeable future.  That being said, there are many states and zip codes that have seen a large increase in searches over the past couple of years.  This includes places like Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (19115), Chicago, Illinois (60614), and Columbus, Ohio (43212).

As deregulation continues to become more popular outside of Texas — something we’re seeing with states like Pennsylvania and Ohio — we’ll start to see our “top 10” list change.