Find the ESI ID number for your home or business in seconds.  We currently have 12,244,607 ESI ID numbers located in our database (last updated June 30, 2023).

An ESI ID — pronounced “Easy I.D.” — is an Electric Service Identifier, a unique number assigned to every home or business with electricity in the state of Texas.  An ESI ID (also styled as ESIID, ESI-ID, or ESID) number identifies your electric service location, ie, where you use/consume electricity.  Think of it like a social security number for homes and businesses.

Some addresses can have multiple ESI IDs — apartment complexes, for example — but each residential unit will still have a separate ESI ID.

ESI ID search:

ESIID Search

You can search for both residential ESIIDs and commercial ESIIDs with this tool.

What is an ESI ID?

An ESI ID — or Electric Service Identifier — is a unique 17 or 22-digit number assigned to every home and business in the United States.  An ESI ID number is automatically assigned to your home or business by your local utility or utility commission.

In Texas, ESI ID numbers are distributed by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas (PUCT).

What does an ESI ID number do?

These unique numbers allow electricity companies to identity customer accounts and track energy usage.   When you signup with a new electric provider directly or through our website, you’ll be asked to provide your Electric Service Identifier (ESI ID) to verify your identity and to complete the signup process.

How can I find my ESI ID?

You can use our free search tool above to locate your ESI ID!  Additionally, most electric bills have the ESI ID listed somewhere on them, typically toward the top of the bill.