Use this page to find the ESI-ID for your home or business in seconds.  We currently have 12,244,607 ESI ID numbers located in our database (last updated June 30, 2023).

An ESI ID (also styled as ESI-ID) is an “Electric Service Identifier,” a unique number assigned to every meter connected to a home or business in the state of Texas.  An ESI ID number identifies your electric service location.  Some addresses can have multiple ESI IDs — apartment complexes, for example — but each unit will still have a separate ESI ID.

ESI ID search:

ESIID Search

This search form works for finding both residential ESI IDs, as well as ESI IDs for businesses.

Why or when do I need my ESI-ID? 

Whether you’re shopping for a new electric plan for your home or business, you’ll need to have your ESI ID number(s) handy.  ESI IDs allow retail energy providers (REPs) to lookup a history of your previous electric bills (which include your costs, consumption, etc).   A provider will use your ESI ID and the information it provides to help verify your identity and calculate possible savings by switching to a particular electric rate or plan.