ElectricChoice.com is owned by Eisenbach Consulting, LLC, an energy broker with headquarters in the heart of East Texas.

Eisenbach Consulting, LLC is one of the oldest and most reputable energy brokers in America.  Since 2002 — the dawn of deregulation in Texas — we’ve helped over 50,000 homes and businesses signup for affordable electricity.

Many of those homes and businesses signed up for electricity through ElectricChoice.com.  ElectricChoice.com is an electricity marketplace and information mega-site for everything related to energy deregulation.  In addition to offering real-time electric rates and plans in deregulated markets, we offer information on electricity, natural gas, deregulation, and more.

Our website has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, WIRED, The Atlantic, and more.

Company Culture

While we’re one of the oldest energy brokers in America, we’ve steadily added new members to our team since 2002.  That growth continues to this day.  With one of the world’s most popular websites covering energy deregulation, we take pride in technology and forward-thinking initiatives.

We also take pride that we value integrity and people more than making a buck, something that is quickly evident when speaking to a member on one of our sales teams.   Unlike so many others in our industry, members of our sales teams have only one goal — helping the customer.  There’s not a stopwatch running when the call starts.  There are no pushy or sleazy sales tactics.

Our sales team is there to help the customer find the best electric plan for them.  End of story.

Current Openings

We currently have an opening for the following:

Please contact us with your résumé if you’re interested in working at ElectricChoice.com!