So, you just found out — whether you read our blog post that broke the news or got a letter in the mail — that Breeze Energy is no longer in business in the state of Texas.

For starters, you’re not alone.  There are almost 10,000 customers, homes, businesses, apartment complexes, etc., that are no longer able to get their electricity through Breeze Energy.

What are my options? 

Well, your immediate option is to do nothing.  This is a very bad option, however, as you’re currently at the Provider of Last Resort (POLR).  Simply put:  yes, your electricity is still on, but you’re paying a very high rate for it.  The good news is that there is no contract or agreement with a POLR and you’re free and very much encouraged to switch to an alternative retail energy provider as soon as possible.

What are some good, reliable providers?

We’ve partnered with dozens of REPs (Retail Electricity Providers) throughout numerous deregulated states.  As Texas is by far the biggest deregulated market — in addition to being where our headquarters is located — we have more rates, plans, and providers to choose from in Texas than in any other state.

Enter in your zip code in the form above to view available rates and plans in your area.  We offer plans for both homes and businesses.

“Green” Providers Similar to Breeze Energy

Breeze Energy was a “green” energy provider as 100% of the electricity they provided came from wind.  There are other providers available, one of them being TriEagle Energy, that offer green energy plans.  These plans are not currently listed online, but they are readily available by calling us.  Just call and ask for “green” plans in your zip code.

Interested in finding a replacement for Breeze Energy?  Give us a call at 1-800-974-3020 and a friendly representative will help you find the right plan for your home or business!