With the option in many states within the U.S to choose an energy supplier, it can be difficult to decide on or shop for the right provider.

This is why the Public Utility Commission (PUC) for many deregulated states offer an official energy/electric choice program.  Much like ElectricChoice.com, these individual government-run programs typically offer many resources to help residents shop for energy.  Additionally, these programs often keep residents informed about different energy projects and the energy market as a whole.  These programs, available online, also usually offer ways to compare suppliers based on current utility, space, and location.

The following is a list of some official energy deregulation programs:

Connecticut – Energize Connecticut

This program educates residents of Connecticut to select the best energy option. Their website provides information on energy solutions for both home and business. Several organizations including, the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, the State, and the Connecticut Green Bank help to run this program. Funding support is also collected from customer energy bills.

Illinois – Plug In Illinois

This program allows residents of Illinois to learn more about electric competition within their state. It provides tools to compare different offers and rates as well as information on how to select a supplier.

Maryland – Maryland Electric Choice

Maryland Electric Choice is a state run program that provides resources on registered suppliers, utilities and other state energy initiatives. Their website also allows residents to compare suppliers that have met Public Utility Commission requirements.

New York – Power to Choose

The New York State’s government website includes a directory with information on Electric Service Companies that have complied with the state?s energy deregulation requirements. A comparison tool is provided to determine supplier rates and options.

Pennsylvania – PA Power Switch

This program provides PA residence with up to date details on energy deregulation within the state, as well as tools to help customers shop for competitive options. It is operated and owned by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

Ohio – Apples to Apples

Operated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, Apples to Apples offers residents an opportunity to explore their energy options. The website provides helpful resources, including a tool to compare suppliers.

Texas – Power to Choose

Run by the Public Utility Commission of Texas, this program protects customers, promotes high quality infrastructure and fosters competition. It provides a website tool that helps residents shop for electricity. It is important to remember that some areas within the state of Texas are not deregulated. This program also helps residents determine if they quality based on the area they live or work in.