For the past several decades, the Nevada energy market has been a monopoly controlled by the utility NV Energy.  NV Energy has controlled the price homes and businesses have paid for electricity for decades.  Unhappy?  Too bad.

On November 6, you can do something about it.

On November 6th, residents of Nevada can go to the polls and vote yes on question 3.  Voting yes will open the energy market to competition — homes and businesses will be able to shop around for their electricity provider.   You’ll be able to choose the electric rate and plan that’s right for you.

3 Reasons to Vote Yes on Question 3

New Jobs.  If voters say yes to question 3 on November 6th, some estimate that 34,000 new jobs will be created in the Silver State.  One company in particular that is interested in moving to (and hiring in!) Nevada is Google.  Google purchased land to build a massive datacenter in Northern Nevada but before investing money they’ve requested alternatives to NV Energy.

Lower Bills.  Electric choice creates competition — competition is good for consumers!  Whether you need electricity for your apartment or a massive datacenter like Google, companies will need to be competitive to earn business.  Energy providers will have to offer great rates and great service to earn and keep your business, otherwise you (and everyone else) will be free to choose another provider that offers a better product/service.

Since 2000, electric rates in Nevada have increased by 55%.  Over a similar timeframe, rates in states with energy choice fell over 10%.  Some experts say that voting yes on question 3 will lower your electric bill by a minimum of $133 a year.

Clean Energy.  NV Energy has a lot of control over the type of electricity that powers the state.  Casting a vote of yes on question 3 at the polls would open up the market to other companies that provide clean energy — solar and wind power, namely.  With your yes vote, you’ll encourage the growth of clean, renewable energy in the state of Nevada.

Some Nevada companies — MGM in particular — have already begun to invest heavily into solar energy.  Unfortunately, MGM had to pay NV Energy a $87 million “exit fee” to do so.  Voting yes on question 3 will eliminate this fee and may encourage homes and businesses alike to explore renewable energy options.  Some believe that renewable energy is the future.

If you’re a resident of Nevada, we hope that you’ll make energy choice the future for consumers in Nevada on November 6th.