Crius Solar LogoHomeowners only go solar once – so it’s important to partner with the right company, right from the start.

Crius Solar is the full-service solar unit of Crius Energy – a leading independent energy retailer that has helped over 960,000 customers break free from traditional, restrictive energy products.

While other solar companies focus only on the roof, Crius Solar takes full-service solar to new heights with brilliant, whole-home solutions that help preserve comfort while minimizing energy use.  Plus, in a growing number of markets, Crius Solar can help expedite a low, solar-competitive energy rate through exclusive relationships within the Crius Energy family of brands.

Why Solar Power?

  • Potential for short- and long-term savings
  • Help the environment
  • Take advantage of valuable federal and state tax incentives
  • Predictable energy costs for 20 years

Free Consultation

Crius Solar makes learning about going solar simple.

Free consultations are available to inquiring consumers. There are no risks to this consultation, it is simply a process where the company gathers information about a potential customer. These details are then used to identify potential solutions using solar energy and a customized solar proposal is built around their specific energy needs. The consultation process is free from any hard sales pitch. This means that the Crius Solar will only provide services if the homeowner truly qualifies for solar power energy.

Crius Solar Plans and Pricing

Crius Solar offers many different plans. All plans help customers to better afford the installation of solar equipment as well as pay for subsequent monthly bills. There are no surprises when it comes to plans, as the company strives to present all fees and additional costs upfront. In addition, for the duration of the customer’s contract with the company, rates remain clear and predictable even if utility rates increase.

Customers also receive support from a dedicated team member. Highly trained Crius Solar personal energy consultants work with the customer from the beginning of the process until well after the installation work is complete.

How Does Crius Solar Work?

Crius Solar follows a 5 step process to set qualifying homeowners up with solar energy.

Step One: Consultation — Before working with any residential consumer, Crius Solar will conduct and evaluation process. The purpose of this evaluation is to determine whether or not solar power is right for the inquiring customer.

Step Two: Design — A qualified Crius Solar representative will work together with the customer to finalize with a solar power system design.  This design will address the customer’s home energy needs today and tomorrow

Step Three: Permits & Contract — Before any solar panel installation, the Crius Solar team will ensure that all of the proper permits are in place. In addition, contract details are finalized.

Step Four: Installation — After all required paperwork is in order, solar panels are installed on the customer’s roof. These solar panels are made of photovoltaic (PV) cells that absorb sunlight and convert it into energy. It takes approximately 24 hours to compete the installation.

Step Five: Start the System — The last step in Crius Solar’s process is to get the system up and generating power for the customer by interconnecting with the local utility. Once the system is live, any solar power that isn’t used by the customer goes back into the grid. The utility then pays or credits the customer for that energy.

Crius Solar Facts

A newer company, Crius Solar is part of the Crius Energy family of best-in-class energy brands.  Over the past 6.5 years, Crius Energy has procured nearly 33 Million MWh of power for its 960,000+ customers.

That’s the equivalent of the power generated by ONE MILLION RESIDENTIAL SOLAR SYSTEMS!

As the market for residential solar panels grows, we believe Crius Solar is primed to grow right alongside it. Learn more at!