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State: Texas
Number of Customers: 1.5 million
Main Service Areas: Southern, South Eastern, Eastern, and North Central Texas
Contact Information: 1-877-373-4858

AEP Texas, which is a subsidiary of the larger company American Electric Power, is one of the largest utilities in the Lone Star State. The utility provides power to nearly 1 million customers throughout their service area. The company has its headquarters in Corpus Christie. The utility is broken up into two separate areas: Texas North and Texas Central. Together these two service areas cover 97,000 square miles, 372 cities and towns and 92 different counties. This service area also includes major cities such as:

Vernon Abilene Alpine
San Angelo Laredo McAllen
Victoria Corpus Christi

The utility provides, residential, commercial and industrial services to customers throughout their expansive Texas service territory. To date, the utility has delivered more than 29.6 million megawatt hours of energy to those living in the state of Texas.

AEP Texas Facilities and Equipment

AEP Texas has one of the largest service areas in the entire region. This service area includes 42,691 miles of distribution lines. Approximately 29,000 miles of these distribution lines are in the AEP Texas Central area alone. The utility also maintains 8,736 miles of transmission lines.

Customers who fall under AEP Texas?s two service service area should be aware that the utility is not only in charge of all of these distribution lines but the poles and towers that help distribute this energy as well. AEP Texas is responsible for maintaining this area, providing annual services, taking care of tree trimming and handling any damage to the energy equipment following an outage, weather incident or man-made issue. AEP Texas also builds new power lines and restores down services after outages.

Residents living within the company?s service area who notice down power lines or a disruption in their service, should contact AEP Texas directly, not matter who their individual retail energy supplier may be.

AEP Texas Targeted Low Income Program

AEP Texas offers rebates, incentives and programs, designed to help customers save on their energy bills. They also take another step to help make sure that their low income customers are able to get the energy they need to keep the lights on and keep their home warm during the colder months. The company offers their government-funded assistance to those at or below 200% of the federal poverty line. They also work with other outside agencies to help identify eligible customers, perform home assessments and arrange for cost-effective energy efficient installations in qualifying homes.

AEP Texas Energy Savings Programs

AEP Texas has its own energy saving programs designed to help reward customers who do their part to lower their energy use. The effort includes several individual programs designed to help people meet the energy efficient requirements put in place by the state of Texas. The programs also help customers achieve a cost-effective reduction in their energy use during the peak summer energy demand. They also work to lower customer?s energy costs and reduce year-round energy consumption. The utility not only works with their customers but with contractors, electricians and retail electric providers and other energy companies in the area to help make more efficient measures obtainable for all types of customers.

Comparing AEP Texas Electricity Rates

In the 1990s, Texas became one of the first states in the U.S. to have a completely deregulated energy market. With the passing of Senate Bill 7, consumers in approximately 85% of Texas were given the power to choose who they received their energy from. Customers can choose to keep their service with their local utility, such as AEP Texas, or they can buy their energy from an independent retail energy provider (REP).

Customers who choose not to shop for a new energy supplier can continue to purchase their electricity directly from AEP Texas directly.  The utility still has their rates managed by the state to ensure that they are fair to consumers and in-line with this competitive energy market.

AEP Texas also helps consumers interested in learning more about the deregulated market in Texas. The company works with the Texas Electric Choice Education Program and offers a bevy of information on deregulation and on buying energy from a REP. The utility?s Competitive Retailer Relations department also works to help manage the relationships between customers of AEP Texas and all of the REPs in the area.