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State: Pennsylvania
Number of Customers:  600,000
Main Service Areas: Central and Northern Pennsylvania
Contact Information: 1-800- 720-3600
Address:  Penelec, 415 Liberty Blvd, DuBois, Pennsylvania 15801

Penelec, a Pennsylvania-based electricity transmission and distribution company, is a state-appointed energy utility that serves customers throughout the state. Penelec is one of the state?s appointed utilities and is responsible for delivering electricity not only to customers but to retail energy providers (REPs) that supply electricity independently to customers throughout the state?s deregulated market.  The utility is also responsible for maintenance including tree trimming, meter reading and repairing down and broken poles and power lines.

Penelec is based in Pennsylvania with headquarters in DuBois, Pennsylvania. As part of the FirstEnergy family, Penelec is part of a group of utilities that provide reliable electricity services to customers in several deregulated energy markets.  Founded in 1919, Penelec has been providing electricity distribution services to customers in the area for nearly a century.

Today, the company provides electric services to more than 600,000 customers in 31 different Pennsylvania counties, including the following areas:

Corry Edinboro Elk City
Franklin Du Bois McAllen
Clearfield Patton Philipsburg
Johnstown Boswell Loretto
Titusville Meadville Jamestown
Warren Cuba Bradford
Leon Harrison Valley Jasper
Mount Union Tyron Altoona

As the area?s utility, Penelec is responsible for handling all of the outages and service issues in the area. This means that customers and retail energy providers alike experiencing service interruptions in the area will need to contact Penelec directly with questions regarding service.

Penelec Facilities and Equipment

Penelec serves as their regions primary utility, meaning they are responsible for the facilities and equipment throughout their area. Penelec maintains the transmission and distribution lines that provide electricity to customers throughout the region. They are also responsible for creating new lines, building new poles, maintaining existing facilities and repairing and replacing lines that have been damaged due to weather. Their goal is to keep all of the electricity equipment in their area safe and working properly, whether that means rebuilding broken poles or trimming trees to keep wires safe.

As an appointed energy utility, operating in a deregulated state, Penelec is responsible for helping customers, including those who buy their energy from an independent retail energy provider, to start and stop their service as needed.

Since Penelec manages all of the equipment, they are also responsible for repairing any damaged facilities following a storm or similar emergency. They are the individuals that customers in the area must call to report disruptions in services and outages as they are responsible for keeping this equipment up and running for the entire area.

Penelec Energy Efficiency Products and Incentives

Penelec is dedicated to helping their customers use less energy so they can not only save more but help save the environment. The utility offers incentives for those who lower their monthly energy plans and for those who use less during peak energy usage times. They also have energy efficient products available through their SmarterHome Store as well as services for customers within their region. These energy efficient efforts include professional tree services, electrical services, outdoor lighting and home improvement projects. The full list of incentive programs for customers includes:

  • Home Energy Analyzer
  • Residential Energy Audit Program
  • Appliance Program
  • Efficient Lighting Program
  • HVAC and Water Heating Programs
  • Solar Thermal Equipment Rebates
  • Energy Efficient New Construction Incentives
  • Energy Conservation Kits

The utility offers free estimates on all of these efforts in an attempt to make energy efficiency more affordable for those in their service area.

Compare Penelec Electricity Rates

Most areas of Pennsylvania operate in a deregulated energy market that gives customers the power to choose their preferred retail energy provider. This is operated by a government-sponsored program known as Pennsylvania Electric Choice.

While customers used to rely on Penelec for supplying, generating and delivering electricity, consumers now have the opportunity to choose who their energy supplier is. By choosing an independent supplier, consumers can sometimes save money, take advantage of different contract terms and enjoy other incentives and benefits.

Customers who choose to keep their electricity account with Penelec will still receive quality electricity from the utility that manages the generation and transmission of energy in their area. There are benefits to keeping an account with Penelec, but customers in this area of Pennsylvania are still encouraged to shop around for available plans before making a decision on their energy bill. If there is ever a disruption in service, no matter what retail energy supplier the customer chooses, they will still need to contact Penelec directly for assistance.