State: Pennsylvania
Number of Customers: 1.6 million
Main Service Areas: North Eastern, North Western, Central and Southern Pennsylvania
Contact Information: 1-800-720-3600

Penn Power, which is a subsidiary of the larger company FirstEnergy company, is one of the largest energy utilities serving the state of Pennsylvania. The utility provides power to more than 1 million customers throughout their service area. As part of the FirstEnergy family, this company’s headquarters are in Akron, Ohio and their role within this massive organization makes them one of the company’s largest investor-owned electric systems.

Service area includes major cities and communities throughout Pennsylvania, including:

Pittsburgh Greenville Lawrence County
Mercer County Polk New Castle Crawford County
Butler County Beaver County Jamestown
Allegheny County

The utility provides residential, commercial and industrial electric service to customers throughout their expansive Pennsylvania service territory. As a whole, FirstEnergy has more than six million customers and covers a six state service area with more than 65,000 square miles of territory.

Penn Power Facilities and Equipment

Penn Power has one of the largest service areas in the entire region, and as part of the FirstEnergy family, they are hooked into one of the largest networks of equipment and facilities in the nation. This includes more than 194,000 miles of distribution lines and 24,000 miles of transmission lines.

Customers who fall in Penn Power’s service area should understand that the utility is not only in charge of all of these distribution lines, but the poles and towers that help transmit this energy to consumers as well. Penn Power is responsible for maintaining this equipment, providing annual maintenance service, taking care of tree trimming and handling any damage to the energy equipment from an outage or emergency. They are responsible for creating new poles and power lines and restoring power after storms and other disasters.

Residents living within the Penn Power service area who notice down power lines or a disruption in their service should always call Penn Power right away instead of their individual Retail Energy Supplier.

Penn Power’s Free Estimate Programs

Penn Power offers free in-home estimates for customers in their area. Any customer under the Penn Power service area who needs assistance on a qualifying project can call the utility for free estimates. They provide assistance on electric repairs and upgrades, outdoor lighting installation, security lighting additions and tree trimming and maintenance. The utility offers all of these services including home safety inspections, wiring work and other surge protection services to customers at discounted prices. These services can also be broken down into convenient monthly payments and added to customer?s monthly bills.

Penn Power Savings Programs

Penn Power has its own energy saving programs created to help reward customers who try to be more eco-friendly and to reduce their energy consumption in their home and commercial properties. The initiative includes several individual programs designed to help people meet the energy efficient requirements put in place by the state of Pennsylvania.

These programs also reward customers who use less energy during peak consumption times during the day. This initiative includes appliance and lighting program, energy audit services, home energy analyzers, HVAC and water heating programs, rebates for solar thermal energy products and discounts for those who build energy efficient new homes.

Comparing Penn Power Electricity Rates

Pennsylvania is one of the handful of states in the United States that allows consumers to choose their electric generation supplier. Thanks to the Pennsylvania Electric Choice program known as PA Power Switch, consumers can choose instead of having their electric distribution company provide every aspect of their electric service.

Customers who choose not to shop for a new energy supplier can continue to purchase their electricity directly from Penn Power. The company will continue to deliver the actual electricity to consumer’s homes and commercial properties and will still maintain the poles and wires in each consumer?s service area, even if they have a different retail energy provider.

Penn Power also helps customers looking for a new energy supplier to find reliable retail energy providers within their service area. The utility’s goal is to help make sure that customers in their service area can find reliable experts, should they choose to switch their energy service to an independent supplier. Different suppliers offer rates that cover both short-term and long-term plans and offer consumers the ability to select green energy, fixed rate or variable rate plans.

Ultimately, no matter what provider Penn Power area consumers use, if they fall under Penn Power’s service area the utility is still responsible for handling their energy distribution.