State: Texas
Number of Customers: 50,000
Main Service Areas: Brady, Celeste, Colorado City, Stanton
Contact Information: 1-866-354-3335

Sharyland Utilities is a utility based out of Texas. Created in 1999, as a ?greenfield? electric utility, its initial goal was to provide service to consumers of Sharyland Plantation. Today, the company provides quality customer service and delivers safe electricity at affordable rates. One of this company’s highest priorities is the development of an electric delivery grid that makes use of innovative technologies and techniques.

The company provides electric service to both residential and commercial buildings in 29 counties throughout the state. These counties include:

  • Brady
  • Celeste
  • Colorado City
  • McAllen
  • Sharyland Plantation
  • Stanton

In 2010, Sharyland Utilities merged with Continental Energy Systems and Hunt Transmission Services. Through this agreement they acquired several transmission and distribution assets located throughout Texas. This merger also required the utility to conduct several studies including, the analysis of potential issues related to moving service territories to different grids, and the planning and development regarding opening up several territories to retail supplier competition.

Sharyland Utilities Facilities and Equipment

Starting in 2013, Sharyland has put considerable effort into development of the energy infrastructure in Texas. They have constructed around 300 miles of electric transmission facilities, which include four collection station and five 345 kV transmission line segments. It is because of these initiatives that the utility is able to offer residential and business services to customers in their service areas.

Due to the serious nature of Sharyland?s business, the company is adamant about providing education and safety information on electricity to its customers. This information is available online, or via their customer support, and includes how to behave near downed power lines, substations and other equipment. It also includes variables to consider when planting trees or shrubs, as well as in the home or business.

Sharyland Utilities Cross Valley Project

In partnership with Electric Transmission Texas (ETT), Sharyland Utilities is working towards development of a transmission line in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. The line is a small part of a bigger projects called the Cross Valley Project. The purpose of this work is to ensure the current and future state of reliable electric service to the area.

Approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas, this project included many open-house meeting to give property-owners the chance to contribute. Together, all groups and organizations put forth recommendations for the route of the transmission line, which is scheduled to be complete in 2016.

Sharyland Utilities DC Tie

The DC Tie is the first transmission interconnection system that provides emergency power and support business activity with Mexico and Texas. Located along the Rio Grande boarder it connects near, Mission, Texas and Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

DC Tie’s innovative technology allows for a two-way flow of electricity between both the Electric Reliability Counsel of Texas grid and the Mexican National Grid. During times of peak demands, each grid relies on the other, stabilizing each to provide stronger, reliable service. It is both the hope of Texas and Mexico that this relationship will extend further into other areas of the economy via trade and other services.

Sharyland Utilities Clean Energy

Based on a study by the Department of Energy in 2010, the utility came understand that heating and cooling is responsible for 54% of residential energy use, water heating comes in at 18%, appliances at 9%, and lighting at 6%.

Based on these results, Sharyland Utilities offers many energy saving initiatives, tips, and programs to help their customers lead greener lives. Residents can benefit from the Residential & Hard to Reach standard offer programs. Both help to reduce energy consumption in the home and lower energy costs during peak seasonal demand.

For commercial customers, Sharyland offers three different programs. Commercial Direct-to-Customer Rebates are available for energy efficient lights, HVAC variable speed drives, solar photovoltaic measure and heat pump water heaters.

The Commercial Standard Offer Program is designed for approved service providers, and the Commercial Load Management Standard Offer Program gives commercial owners the chance to make money when they reduce power (when given 60 minutes notice during summer peak demand).

Comparing Sharyland Utilities Electricity Rates

As most areas of Texas are energy deregulated, Sharyland customers can benefit from the option to choose their Retail Electric Provider (REP). Overall, this law allows customers to determine who supplies the electricity to their home or commercial space. Sharyland Utilities provides strict guidelines or rules for REPs who are associated with the company, and want to provide service in the area.

Sharyland offers several resources, which enables them to provide safe, reliable, and quality service to their residential customers. Their website provides information on finding an REP, different energy savings and distributed generation. Low-income residents have the opportunity to benefit from the Lite-Up Texas Program.

This program can further reduce the cost of electricity for eligible applicants. The utility also offers support to established, developing or growing businesses within their service areas. Commercial incentives help to determine areas of energy and cost reduction and REPs can help to keep costs low by handling the supply of electricity.