ElectricChoice.com is an electricity marketplace.

We help home owners/renters, small businesses, and large commercial customers find the right electricity rate, plan, and provider for them through our electricity marketplace.  Once a consumer shops around in our marketplace and finds the rate and plan they like, they can usually complete the sign up process with their new electricity provider — totally online — within minutes.

For more than a decade, we’ve been building a network of relationships with providers in 16 deregulated states (a rarity in the industry).  We’re able to offer competitive pricing and plans from great electricity providers in Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Illinois, and more.

Backed by Experienced Energy Consultants

Need help?  Think your new energy agreement needs a professional’s touch?

Even though ElectricChoice.com is automated on the frontend, we’ve got a team of energy consultants working behind the scenes.  Our consultants make sure that only the best rates, plans, and providers are being offered to customers who shop for electricity with us.

Our professional energy consultants are also available to you if you have questions.  Whether you have questions about shopping for electricity for your home, or you’ve got 100,000 sq ft of warehouse that you need powered at a reasonable rate — contact one of our consultants at 800-974-3020, Monday through Friday.  Our consultants will answer your questions and go to bat for you to try to get you the best plan, pricing, and terms possible.

Backed by an Experienced Parent Company


ElectricChoice.com is owned by Eisenbach Consulting, LLC, an energy consulting firm headquartered in Tyler, Texas. Eisenbach Consulting, LLC is privately owned and full-service, specializing in residential, commercial and industrial energy procurement. We’ve helped consumers shop for electricity since 2002 and were one of the first entities licensed by the Public Utility Commission in Texas as an Aggregator (license #80156).

Eisenbach Consulting, LLC has 70+ years of experience in the energy industry — it knows what it’s doing when it comes to finding and negotiating the best electric rates and plans for its customers.

Additionally, to make sure the information you submit through ElectricChoice.com is safe and secure, Eisenbach Consulting, LLC employs a web operations team with decades of experience in numerous industries, including energy, communications, insurance, and e-commerce.