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Entrust Energy

Entrust Energy is a Texas residential electricity provider dedicated to serving homeowners who are seeking cheap electric rates and excellent customer service. If you are looking for retail electricity providers in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Corpus Christi, Arlington or in other deregulated areas in Texas, you have come to the right place. Our Customer Care Center is located in Texas, and our friendly Customer Care Associates provide personalized assistance and reinforce our commitment to upholding the highest of standards in customer service. Entrust Energy eliminates all unnecessary fees! We will lower your electricity bill by eliminating hidden and unnecessary monthly customer fees and base charges: there is no fee to sign-up with us, no online payment fee, no monthly customer service fee and no fee to call and speak with an agent. Entrust Energy: A "different" electricity provider At Entrust Energy, we believe "different" is a good thing. We are dedicated to offering an alternative to business as usual with a new and different experience for Texas retail electricity customers. Our mission is to change how business is done by providing low residential electric rates along with a positive customer experience every time. Our unique customer-centric approach is based on transparency, honesty and integrity. You can trust us. Our leadership team has over 150 years of combined experience in the industry. We are a small company with strong financial backing and we offer unmatched Texas customer service.



First Choice Power

We put you first.

At First Choice Power, our customers are always our first priority. We're committed to providing electricity at competitive prices, to rewarding loyalty with special offers and to being there with friendly customer care. We ask questions to understand your needs and work hard to give you more than you're expecting.

We find ways to make electricity affordable.

From competitive prices for your home or business to energy-efficiency advice that helps you save, we're here to help make electricity more affordable for you.

We've got deep Texas roots.

Certified since 2001, First Choice Power has ties to a 70-year heritage of serving Texans. We're one of the largest Texas electricity companies, and we've grown by listening to what folks want and understanding the Texas electricity market.

We're in the neighborhood.

We don't just work here - we live here, too. We're proud of our communities and play an active role in bettering them through grants to teachers, volunteers and nonprofit organizations.



Veteran Energy




Frontier Utilities




Just Energy Corp.




Tomorrow Energy




Liberty Power

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Tara Energy




Direct Energy




Gexa Energy



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