As the home of the nation’s capital, it should come as no surprise that electricity prices in Washington, D.C. are some of the highest in the nation. The good news for those who call Washington D.C. home, is that residents of this district have the power to choose their own electricity provider thanks to electrical deregulation in the area.

The right supplier can help individual residents save a great deal on their monthly electricity bills.

With dozens of electric cooperatives in the area, providing customers with competitive electricity rates, many residents of deregulated Washington D.C. can save on their monthly electricity costs. Many of these suppliers are offering more affordable energy alternatives as well as green energy options to those in the greater Washington D.C. area.

For any Washington D.C. resident who resides within the PEPCO service area, shopping for an electricity provider means having the power to choose their monthly plan and how much they pay for electrical service. Many Washington D.C. residents have never shopped for a new electricity provider before. Many of these individuals are unfortunately overpaying for their monthly bill.

Switching electrical providers not only means residents will be able to save a great deal on their monthly costs, but it also means they are able to switch providers without experiencing an interruption in their service.

Fortunately, we make it easy for residents to find a new independent electric provider that will meet their needs and provide them with a price and plan that fits their budget and expectations.

Electricity Deregulation in Washington, D.C.

Most residents of Washington D.C. reside within a deregulated area.

In fact, all residents that are serviced by PEPCO have the power to choose their electric provider. Washington D.C.’s primary utility, PEPCO services over 250,000 residents throughout Washington D.C. and hundreds of thousands of residents in the surrounding Maryland communities outside of D.C.

If you’re uncertain if your Washington D.C. residential or business property lies within PEPCO’s territory, visit our proprietary shopping tool on Electric Choice for more information. We will not only let you know if your property lies within a deregulated area, but we will also provide you with a list of local offers from area electric suppliers.

Washington, D.C. Electricity Providers

If you own a property in the deregulated area of Washington D.C. and are ready to shop for a new energy provider, you will find there are dozens of companies in the area that provide competitive rates to Washington D.C. residents.

These companies include:

Ambit Northeast
American Power Partners
Clearview Energy
ConEdison Solutions
Consolidated Edison Solutions
Constellation NewEnergy
Direct Energy
Eligo Energy IL
Energy Services Provider
Ethical Electric, Inc.
Glacial Energy
Hess Corporation
Horizon Power and Light
IDT Energy
Liberty Power Holdings
NextEra Energy Services Washington D.C.
NRG Home
Public Power
Starion Energy
Stream Energy Columbia
Viridian Energy
Washington Energy Services
XOOM Energy Washington D.C.