Starting in 1999, Delaware Legislature passed a bill requiring the state to begin restructuring its energy services. The plan was to start with larger energy customers. By 2000, the changes reached both medium and residential customers and deregulation was fully implemented.

Residents of Delaware have two parts to their electric bill. One is distribution. This defines how electricity arrives to a location like a house or industrial plant. The second part is supply. The supply defines where the electricity comes from.

Delaware Energy Providers

In Delaware, distribution is always handled by a utility. However, when it comes to energy suppliers, customers have the option to choose between their utility or state registered retailers. These retailers purchase large quantities of electricity from utilities to sell to customers at lower cost. Suppliers in Delaware include the following:

– Accenture
– AEP Energy
– Affinity Energy Management
– Agera Energy
– Ambit Energy
– America Approved
– American PowerNet
– Avion Energy Group
– Berkshire Energy Partners
– Better Cost Energy
– Clear Energy Solutions
– Commerce Energy
– conEdison Solutions
– Constellation New Energy
– Direct Energy
– Ecova
– Green Mountain Energy
– Keytex Energy Solutions
– Noble Americas Energy Solutions
– Ondemand Energy
– Premier Energy Group
– Quest Energy Solutions
– Secure Energy Solutions
– SourceOne
– Sustainable Star
– Tenaska Power Services Co.
– Veridian Energy

The benefit to giving customers the option to choose their energy supplier is that they decide which retailer meets their requirements. The power is in the hands of the consumer. It means that if a customer wants to switch suppliers, there is never any disruption in service. It also means that consumers have the opportunity to take advantage of fixed or variable plan options and rates.

Delaware’s Official “Electric Choice” Program

Funded by the U.S Department of energy, Delaware’s State Energy Program is one of the primary sources for promoting energy efficiency, conservation, and more. It encourages the use of renewable energy, ensures energy security and provides protection to the environment.

The program also helps to educate the public about energy issues so that residents, businesses, universities, non-profits and local governments reduce their energy rates.

State Energy Program funds are provided to several programs including Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU) and Evaluation, Measurement and Verification (EM&V). SEU was created by the state and is responsible for cultivating sustainable energy initiatives. EM&V ensures that SEU and contractors can validate and are accountable for energy savings.

Another overall mission of Delaware’s program is to ensure the state of Delaware contributes to a sustainable energy process both now and for future generations.

Delaware’s Energy Market

The scope of energy deregulation represents a little piece of a much larger picture. Here are a few fast facts on Delaware’s growing energy market:

– 82% of the state’s electricity was generated from natural gas, 11% from coal (in 2014).
– In 2012, the U.S Department of the Interior leased a wind farm in Delaware. Another wind farm is planned for Rehoboth Beach.
– There are no nuclear plants in Delaware.
– In 2013, the transportation sector consumed 64% of the petroleum used by Delaware, most of it as motor gasoline.

Deregulated Cities in Delaware

Delaware is home to many large cities. Most are deregulated and allow energy consumers to switch or choose their energy supplier. Including:

MiltonNew CastleNewark

Major Delaware Utilities

While residents of Delaware have the option to choose their energy supplier, they might also decide to receive this service from their utility instead. The list below presents utilities that offer electricity in the state:

Acclaim Energy, Ltd. – 1-713-524-0250
Amerex – 1-866-802-0519
Better Cost Control – 1-800-454-0027
Champion Energy Services – 1-877-653-5090
Choice Energy Services – 1-888-341-6370
Community Energy – 1-866-946-3123
Delmarva Power – 1-800-375-7117
Integrys Energy Services – 1-800-536-0151
NextEra Energy Services – 1-800-882-1276
Perigee Energy – 1-866-878-3492

Emergency situations like downed power lines and outages happen everywhere. Residents of Delaware should contact their utility for all emergency needs. Suppliers typically do not provide this type of service.