TXU EnergyYear Founded: 1882
Headquarters: Dallas, Texas
Certified REP as of: January 1, 2002
Major Service Areas:  Texas

TXU Energy is an electric utility company that has had a long and rich history within the electricity industry, starting in 1882. Known at that time as the Dallas Electric Lighting Company, they began to provide electric light services to the city. Since then, the company has gone through and seen a series of significant changes including, several mergers, the development of electric technology (in the form of leading industry products and services), as well as energy deregulation.

TXU Energy Fast Facts

There’s a lot of information out there about TXU Energy, which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering how long the utility has been in business! Check out a few quick facts below for more information about this Texas based company.

  • Before TXU Energy gained its current name, the company functioned under several other names including, New Dallas Electric Lighting Company, Fort Worth Electric Light and Power Company, DP&L, TESCO and TP&L.
  • Acquired approximately 10,000 residential and business Mega Energy’s Texas area customers in 2013.
  • In 2014 TXU Energy released a self-service solution called Ivy. Ivy is a 24/7 virtual assistant, or interactive voice response tool.
  • TXU Energy has supplied more than 435,000 customers with over $78 million in payment assistance for 33 years.
  • Won the national Excellence in Partnership Award from the Arbor Day Foundation in 2012.
  • This utility was the first company to launch a mobile website and iPhone app in the Texas retail energy marketplace.

TXU Energy Products & Services

In many areas of Texas, customers have the option to choose their service provider. While TXU Energy remains responsible for the delivery of electricity, a customer is not required to receive the supply of electricity from TXU Energy. Therefore, it is important for TXU Energy to remain as competitive as other retail energy suppliers in order to retain and attract business.

TXU Energy offers many different types of products and services to its customers. Services are available for both residential and business customers and there are different tools each can use to better understand their energy consumption.

TXU Energy For Home

In order to determine the services offered in a specific area for a specific home, TXU Energy’s website offers information on plans based on zip code and building type: home or apartment. Based on the information provided the TXU Energy website will then display the different plans offered.

Plans range from:

  • Month to Month
  • 6 Months
  • 12 Months

Each plan also has specific features. For example, for customers who are interested in renewable energy there is a Green Select plan that supports wind energy generation. Their Texas Choice plan provides an automatic 3% cash back reward and price protection, while their Simple Rate offers a single low rate that will not change based on usage.

Support is also provided to customers who move within a TXU Energy service area or move out of a TXU Energy area. The company’s goal is to make the transition in service as seamless as possible so that their customers do not go without electricity.

TXU Energy For Business

Business customers also have the option to search for plans online. These plans differ from residential plans, because businesses typically require higher volumes of electricity.

TXU Energy provides energy services to business of various sizes including, small, medium and large. For this type of service, it is important to contact the utility directly so that their trained representatives can direct the business towards the right plans, products and services.

Some examples of these business plans include,

  • TXU Energy Business Secure
  • TXU Energy Business Secure 24
  • TXU Energy Business Secure 12

For companies that are electricity brokers, consultants or aggregators, TXU Energy offers channel partnership opportunities. The utility offers a special online portal to provide easy access to pricing.

TXU Energy Customer Tools

There are several handy online tools that TXU Energy provides to its customers in order to help them better understand different elements of their electricity consumption and use.

Energy Thieves Calculator

TXU Energy provides an online tool known as the Energy Thieves Calculator. This device primarily helps residential customers to quickly identify the appliances in their homes that “steal” the most energy (even when turned off). Once identified, customers can learn different ways in which they can make their home more energy efficient, whether through replacing or upgrading the appliance or through alternative energy practices.

This tool is only available to customers of TXU Energy.

MyEnergy Dashboard

In addition to the Energy Thieves Calculator, TXU Energy also offers a customer dashboard called, MyEnergy Dashboard. This tool gives customers of TXU Energy the power to keep track of several elements including,

Review – this information is presented in a graph and displays customer information on energy usage by day, week, year or month.

Forecast – for customers who have a smart meter, the forecast presents information on how much electricity used as well as the estimated charges on the next bill.

Compare – provides customers with the option to compare electricity bills within the past twenty-four months.

Analyze – this information is displayed to the customer in the form of a graph. It helps customers to visually see the areas within their home that use the most energy. It also helps customers to compare that usage to other homes within the same area.

MyEnergy Dashboard is also only available to customers of TXU Energy.

TXU iThermostat

For residential customers, TXU Energy offers a product called, TXU iThermostat. This product helps customers to manage and save energy and energy related costs. Customers can access the device from anywhere at any time to adjust heating, cooling and more.

Should the customer be away on vacation or at work, they can set a schedule so that the TXU iThermostat automatically adjusts to help save energy and money every day. For customers looking for greener energy options, this tool is a great addition to the home as well as to the state of Texas.

The device is only available to customers of TXU Energy.

Additional Tools & Services

In addition to the Energy Thieves Calculator and MyEnergy Dashboard, TXU Energy offers other tools to their customers including,

  • Personal Energy Advisor
  • Energy Management Alerts
  • Seasonal Saving Tips
  • Online Energy Store

TXU Energy also offers residential customers several home protection plans that apply to the maintenance of appliances, electronics, HVAC systems and more. Some of these plans include,

  • TXU MyHome Protection Ultra
  • TXU A/C Protect PLUS
  • TXU Surge Protect Ultra