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Established between 1846 and 1848, Denton, Texas is the 27th most populated city in the state (as of the 2010 census). Initially known as, Pickneyville, the city’s first Mayor was J.B. Sawyer, who was appointed in 1869.

The city’s first courthouse was constructed in 1876. However, in 1895 it was torn down due to a lightening strike. Today, a more modern courthouse stands in its place. A few years after the original courthouse was built, the local railway was completed. This allowed Denton’s economy and commerce to grow significantly. Electric and water services were offered to residents of Denton in 1892. The construction of the town’s City Hall began shortly after. This original structure also provided Denton with a firehall and jailhouse until 1928, when a new City Hall was built. Denton saw further growth in 1947 with the opening of the Denton Municipal Airport.

Most recently, Stoke, a co-working/entrepreneur space was built within the city by a company known as, CoDenton. Through this initiative, the City of Denton hopes to better support its residents in developing innovative technologies.

Energy Deregulation in Denton

Texas energy consumers could select their Retail Electricity Provider (REP) starting in 2002 after Senate passed Bill 7. This Bill requires utilities to let REPs offer supply related energy services. Utilities remain responsible for transportation and distribution of electricity. They also need to take are of any maintenance related to equipment like poles and wires. While consumers must purchase these services from a utility, the supply market is open to competition. This helps to keep the cost of those competitive services reasonable and low.

The option to choose an REP is available within the city of Denton. That being said, about 80% of Texas is energy deregulated. The remaining 20% is still regulated. To determine whether or not this option is available, contact your utility or appropriate energy representative.

Denton’s Electricity Providers

The state of Texas has many different REPs to choose from. Many of these REP serve Denton in addition to many other cities. Some of these REPs include,

  • Cirro Energy
  • TriEagle Energy
  • Just Energy
  • Champion Energy Services
  • Green Mountain Energy
  • Direct Energy
  • Pennywise Power
  • 4Change Energy
  • First Choice Power
  • Bounce Energy
  • YEP Energy
  • StarTex Power
  • Spark Energy

Denton’s Energy Industry

All of Denton’s utilities, which include, water, electric, drainage, solid waste, and wastewater services are handled by the Denton Municipal Utilities. Atmos Energy is responsible for the city’s natural gas and related concerns. Denton Municipal Electric (DME) opened its doors in 1905. Since that time, the DME has been able to adapt to shifting energy concerns and since 2009, has offered 40% of its generated electricity via renewable resources. The organization handles all Denton’s electricity related operations.

Natural Gas & Other Initiatives

The Barnett Shale is located beneath a large section of the city. This geological formation is one that experts believe hold a large reserve of natural gas. However, in 2014, Denton put a stop to fracturing (fracking) activities via a referendum through several laws.

Despite this, Denton is committed to developing energy for its communities. The city is also dedicated to providing reductions or discounts for applicable industrial and commercial consumers. Some elements of consideration for these reductions include, businesses that are expanding or new, and businesses that have a meter demand that is more than 1,000 kVa/month.

Other Major Industries in Denton

There are several major industries in Denton, Texas. Some of these major industries include,

Healthcare: There are two major hospitals located in Denton. Denton Regional Medical Center has 208 beds, employees more than 800 people and provides emergency medical services. Texas health Presbyterian Hospital Denton has 255 beds, and also provides medical services and employs more than 800 people.

Education: Denton has three of the largest educational institutions in Texas. These schools include, Texas Woman’s University, University of North Texas, and Denton Independent School District

The City of Denton also supports different economic development initiatives. These include several incentives that are subject to decision by the City of Denton Tax Abatement and Incentive Policy, and Denton City Council. These incentives apply to expanding or new businesses, the history and philosophy of the business and businesses with a minimum capital investment of $5 million.

Other initiatives include,

  • Triple Freeport Tax Exemption
  • Industrial Revenue Bonds

Denton’s Top Employers

The top 5 employers within the city include,

  1. University of North Texas: 8,887 employees
  2. Denton Independent School District: 3,300 employees
  3. Peterbilt Motors: 2,100 employees
  4. Texas Woman’s University: 1,787 employees
  5. Denton County: 1,554 employees

Quick Denton Stats

Total Population: 128,205
Median Household Income: $43,976
Total Number of Households:  288,294
Median Age: 28.8
Average Cost of Rent: $887
Cost of Living: 83.1 (out of 100)
Total Land Area: 161.4 kilometers squared

Other interesting facts about Denton, Texas include,

  • In 1980, the Denton Festival Foundation ran, Spring Fling, its first arts festival. This festival changed to become the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival.
  • The historical district comprises of houses from different periods with various architectural styles. It is known as the Oak/Hickory Historical District.
  • Volunteers constructed a park known as, Eureka Playground in 1995. In 2015 it was torn down to rebuild Eureka 2 using only recycled materials.
  • In the late 1800s, the “Syndicate” (a group of local businessmen) donated land to create a private collage. This collage was named, the Texas Normal Collage and Teacher Training Institute (UNT). It had a temporary office above a hardware store before moving to a more formal building.

Denton’s Major Utilities

Utilities are still required to provide delivery and transmission services despite the fact that Denton energy consumers can purchase their electricity supply from an REP. There are several major utilities in Denton including:

TXU Energy – 1-844-820-2915
Denton Municipal Electric – 1-940-349-8700

It is important to contact your utility for any assistance related to delivery or transmission needs. In the case of an electric emergency (downed poles or wires), also contact your utility for assistance. REPs typically do not handle these kinds of concerns.