Energize ConnecticutEnergize Connecticut is a state run energy program that helps consumers in Connecticut make better energy decisions. The program provides consumers with the information they need to understand their electricity options — especially when it comes to savings. The program enables its consumers to save in many different ways such as offering rebates and financing or other services for clean and energy efficient improvements.

Several different partners support this program including:

  • Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF)
  • Connecticut Green Bank
  • Local electric and gas utilities

Energize Connecticut Partners

It would not be possible for Connecticut to offer its residential and business energy consumers rebates and energy savings without Energize Connecticut’s associated partners. To learn more about these organizations, check out the information below.

Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF)

CEEF focuses on minimizing environmental impacts though reducing air pollutions. They also promote and support energy security and economic development. To achieve their mandate, this organization offers financial incentives to assist consumers in using less electricity or energy in their businesses and homes.

An organization called, the Energy Efficiency Board is associated to CEEF. They review any CEEF program before it is released to the public.

Energy Efficiency Fund

This board is made up of advisors who have energy industry experience. These advisors consult and evaluate proposed CEEF programs with the state’s utility companies (both electricity and natural gas). Together, the board and the utilites determine how to best deliver the program to consumers.

This also means that customers of Eversource and United Illuminating receive a Combined Public Benefits charge on their electricity bills. Southern Connecticut Gas Company, and Connecticut Natural Gas customers see a conservation charge on their bills.

Legislation exists regarding the creation of the Energy Efficiency Fund including, Public Acts 11-80 Section 33 and 13-298 Section 16. This legislation includes a breakdown of how the organization is legally allowed to operate including,

“The Energy Conservation Management Board shall advise and assist the electric distribution companies in the development and implementation of a comprehensive plan, which plan shall be approved by the Department of [Public Utility Control] Energy and Environmental Protection, to implement cost-effective energy conservation programs and market transformation initiatives. Such plan shall include steps that would be needed to achieve the goal of weatherization of eighty per cent of the state’s residential units by 2030.”


“Each program contained in the plan shall be reviewed by the electric distribution company and either accepted or rejected by the Energy Conservation Management Board prior to submission to the department for approval. The Energy Conservation Management Board shall, as part of its review, examine opportunities to offer joint programs providing similar efficiency measures that save more than one fuel resource or otherwise to coordinate programs targeted at saving more than one fuel resource. Any costs for joint programs shall be allocated equitably among the conservation programs. The Energy Conservation Management Board shall give preference to projects that maximize the reduction of federally mandated congestion charges.”

Energy Efficiency Board – Report

For more information on the organization and the programs that it approves for the CEEF, the 2015 Programs and Operations Report is available online. This report is generated every year, and highlights different aspects of the fund to prove that it fulfills is obligations to Connecticut’s energy consumers.

Connecticut Green Bank

Connecticut Green Bank’s primary goal is to make green energy affordable and available to all consumers (in the state). The company’s mission includes,

  • Accelerating private investment in clean energy in order to create jobs, address climate change, and promote energy security.
  • Invest and finance many different projects within various sectors including small businesses, residential, municipal and commercial industries.
  • Accommodate the growing demand for cleaner or green energy.
  • Help green energy sources and other related organizations develop and grow.

Overall, Connecticut Green Bank strives to innovate, educate and activate in order to accelerate the growth of green energy within the state. The organization achieves this in the following ways:

Innovate: Connecticut Green Bank aims to make green energy more cost efficient, safe and accessible to all Connecticut energy consumers.
Educate: The organization also makes information about green energy easily accessible to the public in order to increase interest.
Activate: Connecticut Green Bank hopes to inspire consumers into taking action and advantage of green energy.
Accelerate: A result of innovation, education and activation is the acceleration of green energy use in the state of Connecticut by its consumers.

Partner Utilities

There are two major utilities in Connecticut that help the state to promote energy initiatives associated to Energize Connecticut. These companies include, Eversource and The United Illuminating.


With over 8,000 employees, Eversource is dedicated to delivering and transmitting electricity to 1.2 million customers in 71 communities within the state. The company is known for its excellent customer service and reliable energy.

United Illuminating Company (UI)

Established in 1899, this electric distribution company is responsible for the distribution, transmission, purchase and sale of electricity to over 324,000 customers in areas of Connecticut.

Choose an Electric Supplier in Connecticut

The state of Connecticut is energy deregulated. This means that both business and residential consumers have the option to choose the company that supplies their electricity. While utilities like Eversource and UI remain responsible for the delivery and maintenance of poles and wires, electric suppliers compete for consumers with their plans, rates and products.

There are many electric suppliers in Connecticut. Consumers can choose the one that best suits their needs, and Energize Connecticut is a great resource for any customer making or thinking about making the switch.

For example, the website has an aggregation tool. This tool requires a zip code and the consumer’s utility. Based on the information provided, the tool will display all of the available electric suppliers plus the different plans offered by those electric suppliers. This applies to residential and commercial or business consumers.

The site also provides several FAQ sections to help consumers better understand what energy deregulation is, and how to switch to an electric supplier. Some of this type of information includes,

  • Customers are not required to choose to a supplier
  • Cancellation fees for residential consumers are capped. They cannot be higher than $50.
  • It is easy to switch to a supplier. The switch occurs on the consumer’s meter reading date.

Additional Information

In addition to the aggregation tool and general electric supplier information, the Energize Connecticut website also includes:

  • Information of Connecticut’s Official Rate Board
  • Presentation material for choosing an electric supplier
  • Information on renewable energy
  • Residential consumer FAQ’s
  • Business consumer FAQ’s
  • Assessing an electric supplier
  • List of suppliers
  • Contact information for questions and complaints