Entrust Energy is a Houston, Texas based energy company, focused on serving commercial and residential clients throughout the country.

Since 2010, this privately-owned Texas energy company has been providing homeowners across the United States with competitive rates. Priding themselves on their commitment to customer service, this energy company strives to provide a different type of electrical service to their customers.

One of the benchmarks of this unique customer-centered service is the company?s competitive, straightforward pricing plans. Entrust Energy bills come without hidden or unnecessary monthly customer fees, or any base charges. This energy provider also prides themselves on not charging any fees for payments, online access, starting a new account or speaking to a representative.
Although the company is relatively new to the energy market, they still value experience, with the founders of this electric service bringing several decades of combined energy industry experience to the table. With headquarters in Houston, Texas and in the heart of one of the biggest deregulated states in the country, Entrust Energy proudly serves most deregulated areas in the United States.

The company provides electric service to the ComEd utility in Illinois; BGE and PEPCO in Maryland; JCPL in New Jersey; PECO and PPL in Pennsylvania and DPL, Duke and AEP in Ohio. This electricity company also offers its energy services to the following utilities in the state of New York: NIMO, NYSEG, ConEd, O&R and RGE.

With their combined service areas, this energy company covers one of the largest deregulated areas in the United States.

Community Involvement

Entrust Energy?s commitment to the community extends far beyond their customer?s energy needs. This electric utility also has its own Entrust Energy Engage Community Program. This program encourages the company?s employees and customers to reach out and suggest events, volunteer projects, programs and ideas for charitable donations for the company to get involved with.
Using their customer feedback, the company has worked with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Toys for Tots, the Houston Food Bank and other charitable organizations. The company also helps give back to the environment with their alternative energy plans. These plans reduce pollutants and greenhouse gases while helping to preserve natural resources.


  • Named number 47 on the Inc. 500 list of Fastest-Growing Private Companies for 2015.
  • Offers monthly bill credit for all former and active military members
  • Entrust Energy has been ranked as the 15th largest energy provider in Texas