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Massachusetts Electricity RatesSince 1998, Massachusetts has proudly offered many of their customers with the unique power to choose their own electricity provider. This state-appointed electricity deregulation effort allows residents to pick their ideal competitive electricity rate from independent providers, instead of simply receiving a fixed rate from their local utility supplier.

Massachusetts’ innovative system allows customers to shop for electricity rates for both their residential and business properties, giving them a choice in how they receive their energy. This means the more than 150 electric companies within the state now offer competitive energy plans and different offers and incentives, in an effort to earn the business of area residents.

Statewide, individual electric cooperatives have embraced deregulation and now offer a variety of energy plans, designed to fit the needs of all types of customers. From short-term to long-term plans, to plans with special add-ons and even ones that use completely renewable energy sources, these provides offer something for every type of area electricity consumer.

Do You Have the Power to Choose?

While there are some residents of Massachusetts that lie outside the deregulation borders, this incentive allows more than 2.5 million residents within the state to pick their electric providers.

If you lie within one of these four service areas, then you do. The deregulated area of the state is split up into the following service regions:

National Grid (Massachusetts Electric) – Serves over 1 million members in 168 communities throughout the state including Brockton, Worchester, Franklin Marlborough, Southbridge, Newbury Port, North Adams and many surrounding counties.

National Grid (Nantucket Electric) – Provides service to Nantucket Island.

NSTAR – Covers more than 1 million residents including Boston and 81 surrounding communities such as Barnstable, Plymouth, New Bedford and Edgartown.

Western Massachusetts Electric (WMECo) – Serves the western portion of the state including Pittsfield, Becket, Greenfield, Windsor and Springfield.

If you remain unsure about the boundaries of these service areas, and whether or not you lie within a deregulated utility, visit our proprietary shopping tool on Electric Choice for more insight.  Simply type in your zip code, and we’ll let you know if you’re eligible to shop for a new electricity provider.

Shopping for the Best Massachusetts Electricity Providers

Massachusetts electricity consumers who have never shopped for a new energy provider before, likely had their account roll over with their old energy provider when deregulation took effect. If you are one of these customers, you could be overpaying for electricity. By taking the time to shop for a new electric company, you can start saving money on your monthly bill, all without experiencing any disruption in your service.

With our easy-to-use system, you can enjoy more savings and more options with your electric service. Whether you’ve never shopped for new electric rates, or you just want to see if you can lower your Massachusetts electricity bill, shopping for a new provider is easy:

1. Decide what feature you most value in your new electricity rates, including whether you want a fixed or variable rate plan.
2. Use our simple shopping tool to be certain on the service area your home lies in.
3. Examine each company’s rates and compare their offers, until you find your ideal match.

Shopping for the Best Massachusetts Electricity Rates

Are you ready to see what type of low energy rates you could be enjoying?

Visit our comprehensive shopping tool and simply type in your Massachusetts zip code. If you live in one of the state’s deregulated areas, we’ll provide you with a variety of plans and pricing from local area providers.