In 2000, the state of Maine officially passed a bill that deregulated the energy market in much of the state. Thanks to this initiative, more than 60% of residents living in Maine now reside in deregulated portions of the state, meaning they have the power to choose where their electricity service comes from.

There are now dozens of retail energy providers throughout Maine, who make it easy for home and business owners find an electricity plan that meets their needs. With deregulation in place, residents are able to find a provider, and a rate, that fits their budget and their needs.

When deregulation took effect in the state, more than 800,000 residents were given this power to choose. These residents reside in one of the two deregulated utilities in Maine:

Emera Maine – This utility covers Washington, Piscatquis, Aroostok and Hancock County as well as a majority of Penobscot County.

Central Maine – This utility services 11,000 square miles of central and southern

Maine, including Portland, Farmington, Belfast, Brunswick, Fairfield and Alfred.

These two utilities are also home to dozens of independent retail suppliers. Customers who decide to move their electrical service to one of these providers will find they are able to switch companies without experiencing any interruption in their service.

While many have already made the switch to a new provider, there are thousands of residents in Maine who still remain confused over the rules governing deregulation.

Consumers who live in the deregulated portion of the state, who never switched to an independent provider, simply had their service stay with their local utility. These individuals may be overpaying, or missing out on key benefits with their monthly electricity service.

Deregulation not only means that many Maine residents have the power to choose their preferred energy provider, but this effort has also brought new energy opportunities to the area. Thanks to deregulation, residents in the state now have the opportunity to make more energy efficient choices by choosing energy options from renewable resources.

We strive to help customers across Maine to learn more about electrical deregulation and what it means for their monthly bill. Our system helps residents discover if their property lies in the deregulated portion of the state and to see which providers are available in their region. We supply Maine residents with a list of pre-qualified energy providers and a list of monthly rates, so that they can determine the best available option for their business or residential service.