While many states are just starting to offer electricity deregulation for their residents, New York state has been giving their residents the power to choose their electric provider for years. Since the 1990s, the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) began this deregulation process, changing the way that New York residents received their monthly energy bills.

On these bills, residents will see a separate charge for their energy from an independent provider. Residents who want to save on that electricity bill can choose an alternate independent energy provider in an effort to save on their monthly costs. This initiative also means that New York residents are able to choose the type of plan and the type of energy they are using for their home or residential properties.

Options include the ability to choose the length of your term with the electricity company, whether you are billed with fixed or variable rates and whether or not you use a green, or renewable source of energy for your electricity. If you live within a deregulated area of New York, you have the power to choose all of these features in your monthly electricity bill.

Across the state, individual electric cooperatives have been competing for the business of area residents. However, some people have never shopped for a new electricity company and instead are using their utility?s ?default service.? These services may be much more than those offered by independent companies, meaning you could be overpaying for electricity.

Electricity Deregulation in New York

All New York residents who have the power to choose their electricity provider fall under one of six major utilities. These utilities still operate the electric poles in the area.

If you reside within one of these utilities then you have the power to choose where your electricity comes from.

The deregulated area of the state is split up as follows:

Central Hudson Gas and Electric – This utility offers services to residents residing within the Hudson Valley, north of Westchester County.

Consolidated Edison (ConEd) – This utility provides service to New York City and much of Westchester County. Although it is the smallest utility in terms of coverage area, it serves the most customers in the state.

Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) – As the second largest utility in the state, the LIPA services all of Long Island.

National Grid (NGrid) – This utility covers much of the norther portion of the state, outside of Westchester County.

New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG) – This utility covers most of the southern

portion of the state.

Orange and Rockland Utility (ORU) – This utility serves the region of New York near the Pennsylvania border.

If you are not sure whether or not your property lies within one of these utilities, or what utility you fall under, visit our proprietary shopping tool on Electric Choice to find out more about your eligibility.

Just type in your zip code and we will let you know if you lie within a deregulated region of New York and will start showing you some plan options in your area.

Comparing New York Rates, Plans, and Providers

So many New York residents are overpaying on their monthly electricity bill, simply because they have never taken the time to shop for a new energy provider.

As energy companies attempt to stay competitive in today?s market, many individual providers are offering low prices on electricity rates. If you have never shopped for an electricity company before, or simply believe your current provider may be over charging you too much, shopping for a new plan is a great way to explore your options.

With our simple system, you can find out if there are better electricity rates available in your area. Shopping for a new energy supplier is as simple as these three easy steps:

1. Make a plan and determine what feature means most to you in a new electricity plan.  Is it most important to find the lowest rate? Or, are you trying to find a company the offers green energy sources?

2. Type your zip code into our shopping tool to make sure you qualify for deregulated energy and start exploring the available energy rates in your area.

3. Examine each provider?s offer and compare your options until you find a plan that fits your needs and your budget.

Once you find your new preferred provider and sign up for a plan, your new electricity supplier will contact you directly to make the switch. You will find that its easy to switch providers and you can start enjoying your better rates quickly, without any interruption in your service.

Electricity Providers in New York

Do you reside in one of New York?s deregulated utilities? If you do then you can start shopping for your new electricity plan from one of the state?s premier independent providers.

The following electrical suppliers offer their services to New York residents:

Accent Energy
Advantage Energy
Agway Energy
Amerada Hess Corporation
BlueRock Energy
ConEdison Solutions
Constellation NewEnergy
Direct Energy Services
ECONnergy Energy Company
Empire Natural Gas Corporation
Energy Cooperative of New York
Glacial Energy
Liberty Power Corp
Mirabito Gas and Electric
NOCO Electric
PEPCO Energy
Sempra Energy Solutions
Strategic Energy
US Energy Partners

Electricity Rates in New York

Are you ready to start shopping for the best electricity rates available in New York?

If you are, simply visit our comprehensive shopping tool and type in your New York zip code. We?ll take care of the rest from there and provide you with a comprehensive list of local electricity suppliers and individual plans that can have you saving money on yourmonthly electrical costs.