Pennsylvania Electricity Rates

pennsylvania-ratesPennsylvania made history as one of the first states to offer electricity deregulation.

Starting in 1997, the state of Pennsylvania began a slow yet innovative journey towards consumer energy deregulation — dubbed PA Power Switch.

Thanks to House Bill 1509, millions of residents in the state of Pennsylvania were given the power to choose their own energy provider. Instead of receiving a fixed rate from a state-appointed local utility supplier, Pennsylvania energy consumers now have the power to choose which company generates their electricity.

With PA Power Switch in place, customers are allowed to compare electricity rates from dozens of electricity companies around the state.  Energy companies compete for consumer business by offering competitive Pennsylvania electricity rates, special incentives and enticing offers, and giving residents the ability to pick the type of plan they want.

Today’s electric cooperatives now have dozens of energy plans, meant to fit the needs of all different types of customers. From plans with special add-ons, to short-term plans and those with renewable energy sources, today’s Pennsylvania energy companies offer rates that provide something unique for all types of consumers.

Pennsylvania Electricity Plans

Since there are so many suppliers throughout the state, shoppers will often see a number of different types of electricity quotes based on where they are located. The primary difference you will see when shopping is between quotes that offer fixed rate prices, and variable rate prices.

Fixed Rate Prices – This type of quote will give you an all-inclusive price per kWh of energy.

This price will stay the same for at least three full billing cycles, or the length of the stated contract. The length of this term stays the same, no matter what happens in the market, meaning if electric rates increase, your rate stays the same.

Variable Rate Prices – This type of quote gives you an all-inclusive rate per kWh that varies along with the conditions in the market. These prices can change hourly, daily or monthly. If the market price decreases, your rate decreases. If the market price increases, your rate increases.

If you want to see what type of variable and fixed rates are available in your area of PA, go ahead and start shopping for electricity — you have the power to switch, after all. All you need to do is type in your zip code and we’ll show you rates and plans available to you.

Pennsylvania Electricity Rates

Pennsylvania electricity consumers who have never shopped for a new service provider before may not realize the potential savings they are missing out on. Unfortunately, many people today are overpaying for energy. With our easy-to-use system, you can start saving money on your monthly bill without experiencing any disruption in your electricity service.

Whether you have never shopped for a new electricity provider before, or if you just want to see if you can lower your Pennsylvania electricity bill, shopping for your new provider is simple. Follow these three simple steps to start seeing what money-saving plans are available for you.

  1. Determine what you are looking for in a new electricity provider, deciding which features mean the most to you. This includes whether you are interested in fixed rate or variable rate plans, a short-term or long-term contract or if you are interested in electricity renewable energy sources.
  2. Access our simple shopping tool and enter your zip code to see expertly curated rates available in your area.
  3. Browse dozens of rates from providers in your area, and compare their offers until you find a plan that meets your needs.

Shop for PA Rates, Plans, and Providers

Are you ready to see the most competitive energy rates in Pennsylvania? Visit our shopping tool and simply type in your Pennsylvania zip code. If you live in one of the state’s deregulated areas, we’ll provide you with a variety of plans and pricing from local area providers.