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State: Texas
Number of Customers: 3.2 million
Main Service Areas: Greater Dallas/Ft. Worth Area and Greater Midland/Odessa Area of Texas
Contact Information: 1-888-313-6862
Address: 1616 Woodall Rodgers Fwy, Dallas, Texas 75202

ONCOR is a Texas utility that offers electric services to more than 3.2 million customers throughout a vast service area in the state of Texas. With a massive service area that covers a large portion of the Lone Star State, ONCOR provides electricity services for a large portion of Texas? population. The following communities fall under the utility?s official service area:

Dallas Ft. Worth Johnson County
Midland Brown County Tyler
Odessa Waco Hunt County
Hill County Houston County Baylor
Borden County Howard County Parker
Upton County Cherokee County Young County
Eastland Grayson County Red River
Ward County

ONCOR is a regulated electric transmission and distribution provider that acts as the utility for two major areas of Texas. The company has more than 3,000 employees to ensure safe and reliable electricity delivery to customers throughout their service area. These individuals help maintain a service area that stretches more than 3 million meters across the state.

ONCOR has been in the electricity distribution industry for more than 100 years, and even in Texas? deregulated energy market, they are still responsible for distributing energy to millions of residential, business and industrial clients throughout the state of Texas.

ONCOR Facilities and Equipment

ONCOR currently manages more than 103,000 miles of distribution and 15,000 miles of transmission lines throughout the state of Texas.

Since ONCOR is the area?s appointed utility, the company is in charge of maintaining power lines and other energy equipment such as poles and service stations throughout the state. Their responsibility includes providing maintenance on the thousands of miles of wires they already manage and creating new wires, power lines and poles to serve their customers. The utility also provides services such as tree-trimming to keep power lines clear and free from hazards.

Consumers in the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth and Odessa/Midland areas who have issues with their property?s electric service should always contact ONCOR immediately. Even though Texas is a deregulated market and many customers actually pay an independent retail energy provider, the utility is still responsible for distributing the energy.

ONCOR?s Efficiency Program

ONCOR providers their customers with access to a number of different Energy Efficient programs for their customers, ranging from energy tips to programs that offer incentives for customers who work to lessen their energy usage. These programs are also designed to help customers within the ONCOR service area to access the tools and supplies they need to build and maintain more energy efficient properties.

Comparing ONCOR Electricity Rates

Texas operates in a deregulated electricity market with approximately 85% of the state being deregulated.

While independent retail energy may provide more incentives and options with their electricity services, some customers may choose to keep their electricity plan with ONCOR. Those living in Texas have the power to choose between these options. Customers who do choose to leave their energy plans with ONCOR can still enjoy competitive pricing, as Texas has certain regulations in place to control the amount that the utilities can charge for energy services. Customers who are in the deregulated portion of Texas are encouraged to shop around for different options from available retailers as well as from the ONCOR utility.