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State: New Jersey
Number of Customers: 2.2 million electric, 1.8 million gas
Main Service Areas: Most of Central New Jersey
Contact Information: 1-800-436-7734

Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) is one of the top 10 largest electric utilities in the United States. With its more than 12,700 employees, PSEG provides electric services to millions. Under their umbrella is PSE&G, the largest energy utility in the state of New Jersey. The company has won several J.D. Power awards for its customer service, while also being recognized as the most reliable Mid-Atlantic utility for 14 years in a row by PA Consulting.

In addition to being one of the nation?s largest companies, PSE&G is the oldest publicly owned utility in the state of New Jersey and is the largest subsidiary of PSEG. This utility has been servicing the greater New Jersey area since 1903 and provides services to a large corridor through the middle of the state, which includes New Jersey?s six largest cities.

Bergen Burlington Camden
Essex Gloucester Hudson
Mercer Middlesex Monmouth
Morris Passaic Somerset

As a utility, the company has a strong focus on customer service and on providing customers throughout the state with energy saving tips and resources, as well as access to green energy products. The company also has government-funded payment assistance programs available and a program known as their Equal Payment Plan (EPP), a free program that allows customers to manage their energy costs by paying the same amount every month for their energy bills.

PSE&G Facilities and Equipment

PSE&G manages tens of thousands of miles of transmission lines that carry electricity throughout their service area. These utility wires carry either 1380,000, 230,000 or 500,000 volts of electricity. In an effort to keep these lines clear in New Jersey?s infamously lush terrain, the utility has annual trimming programs to keep trees free from these transmission lines.

Since PSE&G is the region?s appointed utility, they are in charge of keeping power lines and other equipment up and running and keeping them safe not only from vegetation but storms and other issues that can cause outages.

Consumers who do have an issue with the poles, metal towers or transmission lines in their area should call the utility immediately. PSE&G is in charge of handling all emergencies and power outages no matter who customers rely on for their energy supply.

PSE&G Solar Loan Program

Customers who fall under PSE&G?s service area can also take advantage of the company?s Solar Loan Program, which is designed to make solar ownership affordable for qualified customers. This program helps electric customers by financing a portion of a new solar energy system for their home and offering them a repayment option where they can use cash of Solar Renewable Energy Certificates. The program was launched as a larger effort to help increase the amount of solar energy being produced in the area.

PSE&G Rebate Programs

The PSE&G Rebate Programs are designed to help customers in the area save on their energy costs and make environmentally friendly energy choices in the process. The Cool Advantage Program offers rebates for customers who use high-efficiency central air conditions and electric heat pumps. The Warm Advantage program offers customers rebates if they have high-efficiency gas water heaters, boilers or furnaces. Through the program, customers will receive money back for buying this equipment. This effort was launched in accordance with the New Jersey Clean Energy Program.

Comparing PSE&G Electricity Rates

New Jersey operates in a deregulated energy market and has since the late 1990s. This means that consumers do not have to receive their energy rates and plans from PSE&G or another individual local utility. Instead, they can shop for plans from local, privately-owned, retail energy providers. New Jersey residents have the right to choose their energy provider, thanks to a state-appointed initiative called New Jersey Choice.

Customers who choose not to shop for a new energy supplier can continue to purchase their electricity directly from PSE&G.  This basic energy service is still regulated by the government to ensure the utility is offering fair prices.