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State: Texas
Number of Customers:  236,000
Main Service Areas:  North-Central, Gulf Coast and West Texas
Contact Information: 1-888-866-7456
Address:  TNMP, 577 N Garden Ridge Blvd., Lewisville, TX 75067

TNMP is a Texas based electric transmission and distribution company that services customers throughout the state of Texas. As one of the state?s appointed utilities, TNMP delivers power to customers while working to maintain and read energy meters for customers in their service areas. The utility is also responsible for constructing and maintaining power lines.

This utility is based in Lewisville, Texas and is a subsidiary of PNM Resources. TNMP currently services more than 20 communities throughout the state, including the following areas:

Bryson Nocona Olney
Petrolia Pilot Point Lewisville
Leonard Farmersville Whitewright
Detroit Bogata West Columbia
Sweeny Pecos Kermit
Fort Stockton Sanderson Angleton
Brazoria Texas City Emory
Valley Mills Gatesville Clifton
Whitney Hico Strawn

This locally based energy company handles power outages, transmits power to retailers, commercial clients and residential customers and takes care of service connections and re-connections throughout their service area.

TNMP Facilities and Equipment

As the appointed utility in their area, TNMP is not only in charge of distributing and transmitting electricity to customers, but they are also in charge of the facilities and equipment. With a staff of nearly 400 people, the utility works to make sure that all power lines and transmission lines in the area are working as they should be.  The utility also manages poles, service stations, reads and manages meters, repairs street lights and more.

TNMP provides tree trimming and other services to keep their equipment safe and properly functioning. As a state-appointed utility in a deregulated state, TNMP is responsible for not only delivering and transmitting electricity to individual customers but to retail energy providers that supply energy as well. This means even customers who buy their electricity from a REP will still have TNMP turning on their energy and beginning and ending their electricity service.

Since TNMP manages all facilities and equipment in the area, they are also responsible for repairing and reinstalling any damaged equipment or power lines following a storm or outage. This means customers throughout this service area will need to rely on the utility for most major interruptions in energy service.

TNMP Energy Efficiency Incentives

TNMP offers special incentives for residential and commercial clients who make an effort to reduce their energy use. In addition to helping customers find energy efficient contractors and home builders, residential TNMP customers can also benefit from a variety of financial incentives. These programs are in line with the Public Utility Commission of Texas and are given to those who reduce their energy use during peak demand hours and who lower their energy consumption to fall underneath area standards.

The utility also has special efficiency programs for low-income properties in the area.

Comparing TNMP Electricity Rates

Approximately 85% of the state of Texas operates in a deregulated energy market and much of TNMP?s service area falls within that deregulated region. This means customers in the area can choose to buy their energy from a REP or opt to keep their electricity service with TNMP. Whether customers change their energy service or not, TNMP is responsible for transmitting and delivering energy to customers in the area, no matter who their retail provider may be.

Customers in this service area may find that independent retail energy providers may have more options and incentives available, however, some individuals may choose to keep their electricity plan with TNMP. The state of Texas still has certain regulations in place to ensure that customers who keep their account with TNMP can still enjoy competitive prices.