Of course, this is indisputable:

Some of my friends are bad enough at parties that a didn’t-pay-the-electric-bill-party would be an upgrade, but that’s probably because I need new friends. Maybe you need new friends too? Good. Let’s be friends. Seriously, I (I being we, ElectricChoice.com — is that weird?) am a pretty dang good friend if not paying the electric bill has ever come to mind.

Here’s why. First, I make it super easy to find a good company to buy power from. You just punch in your zip code and we’ll show you a list of companies, sorted by actual customer reviews. Customer’s who have actually used these companies and have provided real no-nonsense facts about their experience:




Once you’ve found a company you trust based on user reviews, just find the price and term commitment you like (very flexible: 1 month – 36 months). If you have any questions, well, like a good friend, we’ll help you out:


See, told ya!

Once you’ve selected a supplier and a plan, just fill out a few details about yourself and where you need service and you’re done. It’s really pretty simple and if it’s over your head at any point, we’ll do our best to be there for you.