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Originally known as Cane Island, Katy was given to a man named James J. Crawford in 1845 as part of a land grant. Life was hard in this area of Texas, with blistering hot summers, harsh cold winters and thick mud that made it difficult to construct buildings. So, thirty years later, Crawford and three other people were Katy’s only inhabitants.

It wasn’t until the railroad started construction through the area that the town started to grow. The Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad was fondly nicknamed ‘the Katy’ and so in 1896, the town was given its name as well. Several years later, many men, women and children had come by wagon and train to settle down and make a home for themselves. Hotels, stores, and saloons were established along side ranches and farms in the surrounding area. Rice soon became the town’s primary commodity, and the first concrete rice dryers in Texas were set up here, where they still remain today.

Energy Deregulation in Katy

Energy deregulation gives consumers of electricity the option to select the company that supplies energy to their businesses or homes. In 2002, the state of Texas passed a law that required many of its cities to comply and move forward in changing the way energy utilities bought and sold electricity. Up until this point, these companies had grown in to monopolies. Without competition, the rate of energy was difficult to control.

Now, with the help of companies called, electricity providers, the market has opened to competition when it comes to providing the supply of electricity to customers. Since there are many electricity providers to choose from, in order to remain in business, they all need to concentrate on customer service. What this means is, they need to offer the best products, services and rates in order to retain business.

Customers now have the control and power to switch at any time, to help ensure that they are happy with their electricity supply services.

Katy Electricity Providers

There are many different electricity providers for consumers to choose from in Katy including,

  • 4Change Energy
  • First Choice Power
  • Pennywise Power
  • Direct Energy
  • Bounce Energy
  • Green Mountain Energy
  • Cirro Energy
  • Champion Energy Services
  • Payless Power

Katy’s Energy Industry

Prior to World War II, much of Katy’s economy was built around the gas fields surrounding the area. It helped to double the population from 400 in 1942 to 800 in 1943.

The demand for Katy’s gas was high due to its unique hydrocarbon properties that made it perfect for the manufacturing of aviation gasoline, and rubber. Humble Oil (now known as Exxon) took a keen interest in this gas field and helped to construct a cycling plant. An onsite camp was also established, providing housing to over 700 workers and their families. When the camp closed in 1959, many of these people and families continued to live in Katy.

While Exxon closed the plant in 2002, the gas field is still active, producing almost 1.2 billion cubic feet each day.

Other Major Industries in Katy

Retail – To accommodate the increase in population in 2009, Katy expanded its retail options. When H-E-B Food & Drug opened a store, it made particular services and items available that had not been before.

Corporate Headquarters – Aside from several oil and gas companies, Katy is also home to several corporate headquarters. These companies include, Igloo Corporation and Academy Sports and Outdoors.

Some other thriving industries in Katy Texas include,

  • Government
  • Tourism
  • Education

Quick Katy Stats

Katy’s demographics help to pain a bigger picture of this quaint little town. Take a look at the list below to learn more.

Total Population: 14,102
Land Area: 27.6 kilometers square
Total Number of Households: 13,875
Median Household Income: $89,485
Median Age: 36
City Owned Parks: 9
Job Growth: 151,235 (in the greater Katy area)
Cost of Living (U.S. average is 100): 94

Katy’s Major Utilities

Electricity providers offer and sell the supply of energy. Utilities on the other hand, are still responsible for the delivery of electricity. Katy’s major utilities include,

CenterPoint – 1-800-332-7143
TXU Energy – 1-281-644-6404

Since utilities continue to handle the delivery of electricity, it means that they also take care of any issues or maintenance pertaining to poles and wires. If you experience an electricity related power outage or emergency, call your utility for assistance.