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Odessa is a city that is mostly located in Ector country, but a part of it also creeps into Midland County. It is the 29th most populated city in Texas and the third fastest-growing small city in America (as rated by Forbes magazine).

Originally a water stop and cattle-shipping town, this city has adopted a friendly atmosphere that brings in many tourists and visitors during all seasons of the year. Odessa is also energy deregulated, which allows its energy consumers to choose their Retail Energy Provider (REP). This kind of customer choice helps to generate competition and keep the cost of electricity for residents and businesses low and reasonable.

Odessa Electricity Providers

There are many different REPs that offer electricity supply services in Odessa. These REPs provide different plans and rates based on different terms. Terms can include, variable or fixed rate and can also run from monthly to several year contract lengths. When choosing an REP it is very important to try and pick the one that best suits the needs of your home or business.

Some of the REPs that provides services within Odessa, Texas include,

  • Infuse Energy
  • Volt EP
  • Pennywise Power
  • Gexa Energy
  • 4Change Energy
  • Our Energy
  • StarTex Power
  • Discount Power
  • Green Mountain Energy
  • Power Express
  • First Choice Power
  • Cirro Energy
  • YEP Energy
  • Champion Energy Services
  • Breeze Energy
  • Veteran Energy
  • Spark Energy
  • Discount Power
  • Think Energy
  • Pioneer Energy
  • Beyond Power
  • Texans Energy
  • TriEagle Energy
  • Viridian
  • Direct Energy

Texas is working towards becoming completely energy deregulated. However, at the moment, around 80% of the state’s energy consumers have the option to choose their REP for supply services. This is also why it is important to conduct some research before choosing an REP. It ensures that as a consumer, you get the best deal for the services you require.

Energy Industry in Odessa

One of Odessa’s largest industries is tied to the many oilfield and petrochemical companies in and around the area. The city’s reliance on this industry has actually caused the city to try and diversify its businesses in order to prevent economic downturns from having a negative impact.

As a result, the city has also made recent attempts to make changes to the kind of energy they produce. Plans for clean coal and nuclear power plants will help them to deliver on this new promise. In addition to these projects, investments in wind farms will help the city to generate new jobs for residents and other citizens living nearby.

Major energy employers in Odessa include,

  • Salisbury Companies
  • Halliburton
  • Weatherford
  • Keane Group
  • Select Energy Oil Field Services
  • FTS International
  • Power Line Services/Sun Electric/Tessco

Other Major Industries in Odessa

To help increase the number of industries and strengthen Odessa’s economy, the government has made efforts to encourage businesses of all sizes to make this city their home. As a result, there are a few industries that have started to thrive including,

Logistics: Odessa is located within major rail and roads that run through Western Texas. This makes it the perfect location for many different distribution centers like, Coca-Cola and Family Dollar.

Retail: There are many retail opportunities for businesses in Odessa. Their largest retail center, Music City Mall has a television station and indoor rink with stores like, Burlington Coat Factory, Sears, JC Penny, Dillards and more.

The largest employers in Odessa include,

  • Walmart
  • Odessa Regional Medical Center
  • Bobby Cox Companies, Inc.
  • Nurses Unlimited, Inc.
  • HEB
  • Albertson’s/Market Street
  • Investment Corporation of America
  • Southwest Convenience Stores – Alon
  • Sewell Family of Dealerships
  • Family Dollar
  • Lithe Motors
  • Jones Bros Dirt & Paving
  • REXtac LLC

Stats on Odessa

Odessa has many different schools, of all levels, as well as a thriving arts and entertainment community. As for the city’s nitty gritty details, check out some important stats below.

Total Population (2014): 114,597
Land Area: 113.9 kilometers square
Percentage of Family Households: 68.8%
Average Household Size: 2.7
Median Household Income (2015): $66,585
Median Age: 31.2
Cost of Living: 83.1 (U.S. average is 100)
Number of Parks: 35
Major Hiking Trails: 6

Odessa’s Major Utilities

While there are many REPs to choose from, utilities in Texas remain in control over other energy related services. These services include, delivery and maintenance of poles, wires and other equipment. The major utility for people living in Odessa includes,

Oncor – 1-888-875-6279

When it comes to energy related emergencies, it is important to reach out to your utility. REPs are generally not responsible for responding to situations like downed power lines or poles.