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Originally named, “Santa Angela”, San Angelo was established in Texas around 1867. Built across the river from Fort Concho (headquarters for several divisions of the United States infantry and calvary), San Angelo was named after the wife of the city’s founder. The town developed quickly, becoming an important area for trade between farmers and settlers.

During the latter half of the 1880’s, San Angelo grew larger, becoming the county seat with help from the developing railroad. San Angelo College was founded in 1928, making it one of the first municipal colleges. Since that time, the institution has developed into what is now known as, Angelo State University. During World War II the United States military returned to the area and built a local Air Force Base. Known as, Goodfellow, this military establishment helped to train many pilots. The oil boom of the 1900’s also helped San Angelo to grow, as it became a key area within the industry.

Most recently, the city’s arts and entertainment scene has helped to draw in tourists and residents alike. With several world class music and theatre facilitates, San Angelo continues to thrive today.

Energy Deregulation in San Angelo

An energy deregulated market helps to generate competition within the industry. Consumers are encouraged to investigate different energy supply options offered by Energy Retail Providers (REPs). Since a consumer can switch to a different REP if they become unhappy with their rates and services, it forces REPs to maintain reasonable and fair products and services.

In an energy deregulated market, utilities are required to allow customers to switch to an REP for their supply energy services. At the same time, utilities are still in charge of billing associated to the transmission and delivery of electricity. They are also responsible for ensuring the maintenance of poles, wires and other related equipment.

In Texas, energy deregulation took effect in 2002 after Senate Bill 7 was passed. Currently, 80% of the state provides both business and residential customers the option to choose their REP. Certain areas remain regulated, which means that the utility handles all elements of the process, from transmission to customer service and billing.

San Angelo Electricity Providers

As mentioned above, there are some areas of Texas that remain regulated. San Angelo however, is one area that is deregulated. As a result, there are many REPs that provide supply services including,

  • Direct Energy
  • Bounce Energy
  • Amigo Energy
  • Veteran Energy
  • Infinite Energy
  • First Choice Power
  • TXU Energy
  • Cirro Energy
  • TriEagle Energy
  • 4Change Energy
    Green Mountain Energy
  • Energy Rewards
  • StarTex Power
  • Champion Energy Services
  • Payless Power

San Angelo’s Energy Industry

There are many oil-field service organizations that have found a home in San Angelo. These companies employ many residents in the area, despite the fact that the oil fields are located west of the city.

Other Major Industries in San Angelo

Despite its smaller size, San Angelo has several diverse and thriving industries. Some of these industries include,

Agriculture: The city is host to Producer’s Livestock Auction, which is the country’s biggest (for lamb and sheep). The auction also ranks within the top five for cattle. Two research facilities are located in San Angelo including, the Texas A&M Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center at San Angelo and the Angelo State University Management Instruction and Research Center. While most of the farmland is outside the city, this industry employs thousands of residents.

Arts & Entertainment: San Angelo has many different art facilities including, the San Angelo Symphony, the Angelo Civic Theater and the Ballet San Angelo. “The Arts at ASU” is a program run by Angelo State University. They put on 6 plays each year, all of which are available to the public.

Telecommunications: There are several major telecommunication companies in San Angelo. Some of these companies include, Frontier Communications, Performant Recovery INC., and Sitel.

Other major industries in the city include,

  • Health Care
  • Manufacturing
  • Education

Quick San Angelo Stats

In 2012, Forbes magazine ranked San Angelo as one of the best cities with jobs in the United States. With several major industries feeling its economy, San Angelo also has some interesting demographics that are worth taking a look at.

Total Population: 100,000 (approximately)
Land Area: 150.9 kilometers square
Total Number of Households: 36,117
Median Household Income: $44,516
Median Age: 33.4
Cost of Living: 83.5 (out of 100)

Major San Angelo Utilities

All consumers must receive their electricity delivery and transmission services from a local utility. In addition, for energy emergency situations such as downed wires or poles, it is important to contact your utility instead of your REP. REPs typically do not handle maintenance issues.

AEP Texas North – 1-877-373-4858
Concho Valley Electric Coop Inc. – 1-325-655-6957