ElectricChoice.com has been helping consumers save money for over a decade.  We’ve lowered the electric bills for over 50,000 homes and businesses.  Here’s how:


Electricity is generated.  “Electric providers” buy it at wholesale and sell it to consumers.  You can shop for your electric provider.


Your local utility distributes this electricity to consumers.  They maintain the lines, poles, etc. You cannot shop for your utility.


What’s “Electric Choice?”  What does ElectricChoice.com do?

We let residential and business customers shop for electricity, compare rates and plans from local electric providers, and sign up for service completely through the web within a matter of minutes. Start shopping — enter your zip code (w/ no obligation) and be presented with plans and pricing from local electricity providers — instantly.

Consumers with a home and/or business in a deregulated energy market (find out if you’re located in a deregulated energy market) are able to shop for electric rates and plans being offered by electric providers.  These providers compete with each other to earn your business, oftentimes driving electric rates down.  While your local utility still delivers the electricity to your home or business like it always has, you may be able to lower your electric rate and find a better plan by purchasing your electricity through a local provider in your area.

Why shop for electricity?  Why switch providers?

You might be able to find a lower electric rate than what you have today, which in turn could drastically reduce your monthly electric bill.  Whether you’re paying the electric bill for a 700 square foot bungalow or a large industrial warehouse, the potential savings of finding and switching to a lower electric rate are well worth the few seconds it takes to shop around.

If I switch to a new rate, will the quality/reliability of my service change?

No, as the utility that maintains the infrastructure that feeds electricity into your home or business will not change.  Your local utility will still be responsible for maintaining (and repairing) the lines that provide you with electric service.  For example, if you have a power outage, your power won’t come back on any slower or quicker because you switched providers.

If you still have questions about how it all works, we invite you to learn more about us and what we do.  Also, please don’t hesitate to call us with questions at 800.974.3020!