Electric Choice

Maryland Electric Choice

Maryland Electric Choice is available on online via the Public Service Commission of Maryland.

Switching Providers in Maryland

In Maryland, most homes and businesses can take advantage of energy choice and switch to an electricity provider. This allows customers to receive supply related services from an entity that is not their utility. Benefits to switching include lower rates, better products and flexible plans.

A customer can switch from their utility to an electricity provider at any time. They simply need to decide on the electricity provider and plan that best suits their needs. Once a contract or agreement is signed, the supplier will handle the process of switching for the customer.

It is also possible for a customer to switch from one electricity supplier to a different electricity provider. Provided that there are no termination fees or other stipulations in the contract, the new supplier can handle the switch without any disruptions in service.

As a consumer, it is important to understand that there are still some service areas within the state where utilities continue to manage supply services. In other words, there are some areas of the state that remain energy regulated.

Shop-and-Compare – Residential

Through the Shop-and-Compare program, residential electricity consumers can enter their utility and monthly average kWh energy consumption. Based on this information, the online tool will generate a list of approved electricity suppliers. Some of these suppliers include:

In addition to the electricity supplier company name, other information displayed here includes,

Similar to any other electric choice state program, the information provided encourages consumers to verify all terms, pricing and conditions before signing any contract for any services. The reason for this is because the information provided is subject to change at any time, especially regarding variable priced products and services.

Shop-and-Compare Commercial & Industrial

Commercial and industrial customers also have the option to choose their electricity supplier, however the online tool functions a bit differently. Here, consumers have the choice to pick one of four customer types:

  1. Commercial
  2. Government
  3. Industrial
  4. Institutional

Based on the information provided by the business, the online tool will aggregate a list of the approved electricity suppliers and their contact information.  Some examples of approved commercial and industrial electricity suppliers include:

Partner Utilities – Electricity

There are several utilities in the state of Maryland. Utility options for residential consumers include:

Utility options for commercial or industrial consumers include:

All of the utilities listed above are involved in the energy choice program. Many of these utilities only work with specific electricity suppliers and only provide services within a particular area.

Additional Resources

While the Shop-and-Compare tool helps consumers to identify their electricity supply options, the Public Service Commission of Maryland website also provides additional electric choice information. This information includes: