In 1996, New Hampshire became one of the first states to pass a new electric distribution act. When the New Hampshire Legislature passed this law, most of the state became deregulated, meaning area consumers could choose their preferred electricity provider from a list of independent area retailers.

This change brought about several new opportunities for consumers throughout New Hampshire. Both residential and business owners have the opportunity to choose where their electricity comes from, along with the opportunity to take advantage of a number of benefits. This includes being able to choose fixed or variable rate plans, short or long term plans and the opportunity to get electricity from renewable energy sources.

This law restructured the energy market for those living in the entire state. Although the full deregulation process took several years, now all of New Hampshire is deregulated, meaning all residents have the power to choose their own supplier.

Thanks to this new law, there are now dozens of retail electricity providers that service customers throughout New Hampshire. Each state-appointed utility is still responsible for keeping the power lines and equipment and the state still governs the market. This means customers can shop with confidence knowing that each individual company within the market is pre-screened and pre-qualified to provide legal and reliable service.

This governed system also means that residents who choose to partner with a new provider can switch suppliers without experiencing an interruption in their service.

Many residents of New Hampshire have already taken advantage of this system, and found that switching energy providers from the state-appointed utility can help them save on their monthly energy bills. Residents who didn?t make the switch to a private retailer were likely put on a default program with their local utility. Many of these individuals actually pay more for their monthly energy than those who use private electricity providers.

New Hampshire?s deregulated effort has helped many not only save on their monthly bills, but it has helped usher in new, energy-efficient opportunities throughout the state.

We want to help New Hampshire customers to learn more about their available electricity opportunities and to find their best rate, plan and electricity provider. We strive to help residents find out more about their local providers and to see which rates are available for their residential and business properties.