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State: Pennsylvania
Number of Customers: 568,000
Main Service Areas: Southwestern Pennsylvania
Contact Information: 412-393-7100

Duquesne Light provides electric service to consumers throughout the greater southwestern Pennsylvania area. This utility provides electric services to residential and commercial property owners in this region of the state. In addition to serving as the area?s official utility, Duquesne Light also has programs designed to help users use less energy and handle emergency outages.

Duquesne Light has a service area of more than 817 square miles across both Beaver and Allegheny county. Approximately 90% of the service area is residential.

This service area includes major cities and communities throughout Pennsylvania, including:

Penn Hills Hampton Pittsburgh
White Oak Moon Mount Oliver
Pleasant Hills Independence Ohioville
Hanover Allegheny County

Duquesne Light Facilities and Equipment

Duquesne Light provides electric to the majority of the southwestern area of Pennsylvania. Since the company is the official utility of the area, not just a supplier, they are responsible for managing the power lines and making sure that electricity is physically delivered to customers? home or business.

Customers who fall in Duquesne Light?s service area should understand that the utility is not only in charge of all of these distribution lines, but the poles and towers that help electricity as well.  Duquesne Light is responsible for maintaining this equipment throughout the year. They not only maintain the power lines and poles but they also handle tree trimming and replace and repair any lines that have been damaged from bad weather or man-made incidents.

Residents living within the Duquesne Light service area who notice down power lines or who experience a disruption in their service will need to call their utility right away. Although some customers in the company?s service area may rely on retail energy suppliers for their electricity, this utility is still in charge of these facilities and equipment and for making certain customers are able to get their electricity delivered to their property.

Duquesne Light?s Customer Service Programs

Duquesne Light offers a variety of incentives for customers that fall within their service area. These services include their meter exchange program, assistance with street lighting initiatives, energy theft programs and neighborhood energy projects. The utility also offers vegetation management services and will help cut down trees and other wildlife that may get in the way of area power lines.

Duquesne Light Energy Savings Programs

Duquesne Light has its own energy saving programs created to help customers manage their electric use and to lessen their impact on the environment. The initiative includes several individual programs including home energy audits and assistance in buying Energy Star Appliances. The utility also has rebates, offers appliance recycling programs and offers incentives for those who want to participate in their renewable energy generating system. The utility?s Home Energy Center also gives tips and insights to customers who want to lessen their home or property?s energy use.

Comparing Duquesne Light Electricity Rates

Pennsylvania is one of the select states in the U.S. that has a deregulated electricity market.  This means customers do not have to receive their electricity from their appointed utilities. Pennsylvania has operated in this type of market for well over a decade.

Thanks to the Pennsylvania electric choice program known as PA Power Switch, consumers can choose what supplier they use for their energy and have a say in the type of plan they use and where their energy comes from.