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Texas Electricity RatesSince 2002, most Texas electricity consumers have been given the power to choose when it comes to their electricity provider. Thanks to the Texas Senate Bill 7, residents lying within 85% of the state have been granted the ability to pick the Texas electricity rates and the type of electricity they use for their business and residential properties.

While natural gas rates remain regulated, Texas’ innovative system has changed the way most of the state views electricity consumption. This system not only means consumers get to choose, but it means electricity companies must compete for each resident’s business.

Texas-based electricity companies now offer a variety of plans, each designed to fit the needs of specific types of consumer. The beauty of the system is that consumers have the option to choose their plan and service, based on their own individual needs, budget and preferences.

Do You Have the Power to Choose?

Only about 15% of Texas’ population lies in a regulated electricity area. The rest of the state is split up into six different utilities. If you reside within one of these utilities, then you are able to choose your preferred electricity provider from the available Texas-based companies. The six deregulated utilities are split up as follows:

AEP Central: Corpus Christi, McAllen, Laredo, Victoria, San Benito and surrounding areas.

AEP North: Abilene, San Angelo, Alpine, Vernon and surrounding counties.

CenterPoint: Houston, Angelton, Pasadena, Richmond Galveston and nearby areas.

Sharyland: Brady, Celeste, Stanton and McAllen areas.

TNMP: Covers areas in North Central, West Texas and areas along the Gulf Coast. Including Glen Rose, Detroit, Hamilton and Meridian; Fort Stockton Kermit, Pecos; and Angelton, Sweeny, West Columbia and Dickinson and many small surrounding communities.

Oncor: Midland/Odessa, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Denton, Tyler, Waco and surrounding counties.

Any individual who remains unsure about the borders of the utility and whether or not they lie within the deregulated area of the state can use our proprietary shopping tool on Electric Choice to type in their zip code.   We’ll show you plans and pricing if you’re eligible to shop for electricity.

Shopping for the Best Texas Electricity Providers

If you are one of the many Texas electricity consumers who has never shopped for new electricity rates, chances are you were automatically enrolled with a provider when the next electricity deregulation laws took over in 2002. Many people were given a default provider and have stayed with this provider since the law took effect.

Unfortunately, some of these consumers are not taking advantage of the deals, promotions and competitive rates that today’s electricity companies are now offering. In an effort to remain competitive in the energy market, some providers offer guaranteed savings, others energy from renewable resources, while some offer additional specialty services and rewards programs.

Whether you’ve never shopped for an energy company before, or you just want to see if you can lower your Texas electric bill, shopping for a new electricity provider is easy:

1. Determine what feature you most value in an electricity company. This can mean low up-front rates, best long-term plans or highest-rated customer service.

2. Be clear on which utility you lie in before shopping amongst different individual provides.

3. Look at each company’s rates and compare, until you find your ideal match.

Unfortunately, if you are one of the 15% of Texas residents who resides in a regulated utility, you cannot choose your own electricity provider and rates.

Shopping for the Best Texas Electricity Rates

Okay, ready to see some actual rates?

Head over to our shopping tool, type in your Texas zip, and if you live in a deregulated area you’ll be presented with a variety of plans and pricing from providers in your area.

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